The Master is Immelman

On Sunday Trevor Immelman was unyieldingly solid as opposed to his spectacular play the previous three days and it was good enough to survive a 2-shot lead going in. It was enough because nobody else could make the putts and the iron shots needed to make a serious charge at him. So once again, The Masters was won by a first-time major winner who suddenly just got hot and played the tournament of his life.

I’m not taking away anything from Immelman. I think he’s got a load of talent and can definitely win more majors down the line, but the fact of the matter is this is becoming signature of The Masters. They have made the course so tough that the tournament is literally a bore and all that is going to happen every year is one player who has never won before has an incredible tournament while everyone else struggles and blows away the field.

I love golf and watching the major championships, I watch every one of them every year. I’m not some casual fan who thinks watching golf is boring. I’ve always been less interested in The Masters every year because I feel that there’s very little drama as such a small percentage of the field is actually involved. And for the second straight year, The Masters has been an absolute disgrace of a tournament. They’ve made the course so long and so difficult that it’s no longer “the ultimate test” but rather the “impossible test.” I mean come on, the average score on Sunday by the best golfers in the World who were playing well over the weekend (they made the cut) shot 76. 76! The best rounds were 72s by Stewart Cink and Tiger Woods. How can anything happen when those are the rounds that are shot? It’s so stupid. No fan of golf wants to see these guys plod along and struggle and one guy just par his way into a win.

The Masters is a joke and until they move tee boxes up and soften the greens it will continue to be a joke.


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