24 season analysis: Part 1

For the past couple of months I’ve been re-watching the seasons of 24 with my netflix subscription. With season 7 postponed because of the lame writer’s strike and Prison Break ending with just 13 episodes (stupidest move I’ve seen in my life), I needed to get my 24 fix some other way — that led me to re-watching the past seasons.

Obviously, I started with season 1 and went in chronological order. I watched the first two back-to-back within 3 weeks (3 weeks only because of how long it takes to get a new disc on the 1 disc netflix plan, after the first two I upgraded to the 2 disc plan, a very good move I must say but I digress…) but then took a month break before getting to Season 3.

Now, I have to say I’ve never been a big fan of Season 3. OK, that’s an understatement. I always ranked it as the worst. I don’t know what it was. Season 1, in my opinion, has the best final four episode finish of any. First of all the Dreyson’s (sp?) were the best villains there has been and then that scene of Jack going in all on his own thinking his daughter is dead, like a man with nothing to lose and taking everyone out was so ridiculously savage it makes up for the horrible storyline of his daughter being kidnapped and Terri being the worst actor ever (yeah, I hated her). Then, to top it all off, the jaw-dropping twist that Nina is evil and kills Terri is absolutely classic. So that season was my favorite but only millimeters above Season 2 on the totem pole.

Season 2 has a great plot in the nuclear bomb in LA threat and another great villain in  Sayid (? I can’t remember >.>) anyways that, the re-introduction of Nina, the Tony/Michelle relationship, George Mason situation and the drama of finding the bomb and dropping it over the city and of course having the best president figure of the show in Dennis Haysbert as David Palmer and you’ve gotta love it. That scene of Mason and Jack in the plane is one of the best the series has seen.

Season 4-6 all have their flaws but also have some really good strong points, so Season 3 for some reason was just the forgotten middle-child so to speak.

I have to say now, though, watching it again that I don’t know what I was thinking. Sure the Salazar’s as villains don’t really do it for me and Kim in CTU is a bit of a stretch and don’t even get me started on the baby ordeal, that was so lame. What makes the season great though, is how the writer’s develop Jack’s character. Him dealing with this serious drug problem and going undercover, it really opens up your eyes to who Jack is. Seeing him still unable to get over the death of Terri and incredibly protective of Kim grabs you emotionally. Then there’s two really great dynamics that come into play in Season 3 that I love. The first — and to a lesser extent than the 2nd — is the character of Chase as Jack’s partner. I thought that Chase was great and aside from Curtis in season 5-6, really the only great field ops guy that you can get behind. Plus, his devotion to Jack was pretty nice I thought. Now the second, just blows me away and that’s the re-introduction of Nina and the dynamic of her vs. Jack as buyer representatives.

I have to say, Nina is the best character the series of 24 has ever seen aside from Jack obviously. I just love her and anyone who doesn’t, in my mind, is an idiot. Sarah Clarke is great and she’s so hot it’s just… it hurts, alright? I just love the knowledge she has of Jack. That scene where Amadore (sp?) says we have another buyer interested and you see her get out of the car and Jack is standing there like “wtf” and turns around like “what am I gonna do now?” and of course there’s nothing he can do, he just has to let whatever is gonna happen play out so he turns around and Nina immediately notices him and reacts with “what is he doing here!” is classic. And then, the ultimate, my dream scene EVER Jack and Nina alone in the old church (or w.e) and she’s like “convince me Jack” as she leans into him hands on his thighs and they start making out, OMG I almost lost it. I’m sorry but this is how that should’ve played out…

they make out and then Nina says how she doesn’t believe him and Jack answers..

Jack: “Nina, what do you expect? You killed my wife. The thing is though, I’ve always wanted you though. I went back to Terri for Kim’s sake and then you killed her and went to prison. I’ve always had feelings for you but you had to ruin it by being a traitor. How can you be so evil?! How can you work to drop a nuclear bomb in the U.S.? How can you be in the process of working to release a deadly virus among the World’s population?! What have you become?”

Nina: backing away, accusing tone “I knew it. So you’re still with CTU..”

Jack: gets up, and grabs her, speaking very close to her so she doesn’t yell out “Nina, I know you still have feelings for me and I do for you but you can’t be the person you are, you can’t continue being so heartless. If you want me you have to stop doing this. Help me get control of this virus.”

Nina: motionless, wilting, but still unsure “I don’t believe you. I killed your wife! You’re just going to kill me!”

Jack: completely real, you see it in his eyes that he loves her “Let me prove it.” They kiss again and this time it’s incredibly passionate. They pull away…

Nina: completely turned “What about Kim? There’s no way she’s going to accept this. She HATES me!”

Jack: unrelenting “Don’t worry about that. What you’ve done isn’t going to go away. We’re not going to be able to have a normal relationship. She doesn’t have to know.”

They make out some more and start to work together. Nina helps CTU find the virus and Jack keeps the act up of wanting to kill her but holds himself back.

Do you know how sick that would be?! It was possible too. Kim’s character is about to be thrown off of the show, Jack and his daughter are completely disenfranchised and Jack needs someone like Nina in his life. To top it off, it is Nina, the best character outside of Jack ever on the show.

Anyways, Season 3 is VERY good. I love all of the aforementioned aspects of it and although Nina dies, it isn’t that much of a season killer for me as you would think. And at second glance, Kim at CTU is actually probably the best thing. The side stories for her, especially in season 2, were getting just ridiculous. I couldn’t stand them, they were so annoying. I think by season 3 they knew that Kim’s character was hamstringing them so they cut her off.

Other good aspects of the show: Gael is a solid character, Chloe isn’t THAT annoying yet and Ryan Chappelle is still the man. Also, not much Sherry Palmer and did I mention Jack’s drug addiction? Very good stuff, I must say. Season 3 has definitely climbed up in my book. I will have to do a new rating after watching the rest of the seasons, that’s for sure.

I want to hear your comments on my thoughts about the seasons and of course Nina and Jack/Nina dynamic. There’s got to be some other Jack/Nina shippers out there! LOL Anyways, sorry about the length, will post part two in a couple of weeks..


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