24 season analysis: Part 2

Just completed the entire Season 3 and I have to reaffirm my new stance that Season 3 is A LOT better than what I had previously believed. The season is so unbelievably dynamic, there’s so much going on and the plot and acting is very, very good. I think what originally turned me off — the idea of the virus being the threat — was just an ignorant feeling. After watching it a second time, the virus threat is very realistic and incredibly scary. When you look at the other features of the season: Chase, Tony/Michelle relationship, Jack/Nina part 3, the Salazar’s, Jack’s drug addiction, CTU staff is solid (Chloe is only a bit annoying) and even Steven Saunders as the villain all works for me PLUS there is no retarded Kim side story going on. Season 3 works big time!

After watching the first three seasons now, here are my rankings from best to worst:

1. Season 3

2. Season 2

3. Season 3

certainly seems that 24 is getting better as it goes and I think if you take each season as a whole and compare them that is how it goes. What is also a major factor in this happening is the constant improvement of Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. The  first couple of discs on Season 1 was clearly a feeling out process for the character, ever since he has torn it up as Jack.

The best finish (final 4 episodes):

Season 1

Season 3

Season 2

I think Season 2 climaxes around episode 18 or 19. Once it gets into trying to find proof for authenticating the recording it gets weak plus the kid and Sherry Palmer are very weak as integral characters. Aside from the iconic finish of Jack taking out Kingsley and his men in the L.A. Coliseum, it’s not that great.

I start watching season 4 on Saturday and as always would like to hear your thoughts on the rankings.

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