Survivor fans vs. favorites episode 11 analysis

Man, there’s nothing I hate more than watching women in power, so obviously episode 11 was hell and every single aside with Natalie made me want to reach thru my TV and tear her head off! She and her two evil sisters (Parvati and Alexis) are playing a great game, you have to give them that, but it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass because the one thing they can’t control is who wins the immunity challenges and there’s no way any of them are going to win.

What had to happen in that episode for my boy James (since his ass WAS on the line and his neck is certainly farthest on that chopping block for next week) was he should have went up to Jason after the immunity challenge with Erik and Amanda in tow and told him the truth of what was going on! They needed to turn the tables on the three bitches who just had to eat the apple. You tell him look Jason they’re going to blindside you. What we need to do is team up and vote Natalie (or Parvati, whomever they decide), you play your idol and we now have the power. If you go with us, we will go to the final four. It’s a done deal. Period. That’s what you do.

Now it could be harder. James, Erik and Amanda have to get to Cirie and convince her that she’s better off with them in the final 4 than she is with the wicked witches of the east.


One response to “Survivor fans vs. favorites episode 11 analysis

  1. your “boy” james is toast.
    one of these women is gonna win.
    and it wont be amanda.
    peace, chauvanist pig! πŸ™‚

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