New draft format not a good change

Like those Geico commercials with the Slowskys, sometimes you just like things to be a little more methodical, the NFL Draft is one of those things.

Look, I’ve watched the draft every year of my life from pick 1, to pick 255 (or whatever the last pick happens to be) since 1994 I believe. The best feature of the draft was always the first round where you get analysis of every team, the players, the needs and the draft as a whole, round two to a lesser extent. The other great feature of the draft was that it was an all weekend thing and most importantly, day one, was an all-day event. Living on the West Coast, I’d get up at 8:30 a.m., turn on the TV to ESPN, get my Seattle Times morning paper, look at their mock and get myself ready for a whole day of watching the draft.

With it starting at 12 this year, I found myself up at 7 a.m. unable to sleep for the anticipation and watching ESPNews and then ESPN and their pre-draft coverage, constantly checking my watch for when the draft would begin. Then, when it finally did start, it flew by so fast that I had no time to digest what was going on.

I’m sorry, but the draft is just one of those things that is much better taken at a slow pace. I have to side with the Slowskys on this.


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