It’s a beautiful day

As we all awoke this morning it was to a defining moment in history as for the first time ever, an African American became a major party’s nominee for President of a country considered among the World’s superpowers. Barack Obama has made history and I for one am extremely proud to be an American and find myself speechless and overwhelmed by the meaning of this historic moment.

To think that just 45 years ago this country was embattled in the Civil Rights era, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his historic “I have a dream speech” and there was so much left to be done in the area of civil rights in this country. And now this nation has nominated an African American as the Democratic candidate for President, its just mind-boggling. My parents grew up in this era and now are able to see this country turn a 180 in that regard, it truly is amazing.

If you look back at this country’s steeped history in which our great founders rebelled against the British in an almost David vs. Goliath situation and pulled together to complete the amazing upset of defeating the British and create this great nation; in which we have fought a civil war over slavery and the rights of African Americans; and in which not too long ago police in the south were sicking dogs and fire engine hoses on blacks as they attempted to dine in restuarants that were “white only” — I just find myself utterly speechless and completely moved by what happened last night and is going on today.

I want to hear your thoughts on this and hope you all, like me, are appreciating this moment for what it truly means.

Rock on Obama, you da man!


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