Epic collapse from Lakers in Game 4

Not a huge NBA fan as I am, the finals are a periodic viewing stop for me, in-n’-out like the popular California burger restaurant. I’ll stop and peak at the game for perhaps five, maybe 10 minutes to see what is going on and then my trigger finger glued to my Comcast remote gets a little itchy and fires again.

Well this time I thought the look away was more than justified. The Lakers had built an 18-point lead well into the third quarter, 66-48. Surely, I thought, the Lakers had locked up a win and a 2-2 series tie. My DVR and a recently taped The Perfect Storm was calling me.

After finishing watching the glaustermen succomb to the perfectness of the storm, I headed over to my laptop to check the latest news, certainly not expecting any rogue waves of surprise after watching said film.

Boy, was I wrong.

As soon as my home page came up (ESPN.com) there was a startling, unsuspected headline and graphic staring right back at me. Suddenly feeling like Billy Tyne and his long line after being rocked by 40 ft wave after 40 ft wave and the realization that an about-face causing their large haul of fish to be spoiled (because of a kaput ice machine) is inevitable, I was rocked.

How in the world could the Lakers have blown a 20-point advantage from as late as mid-third quarter at home in a must-win situation when they had been playing so well? How had Kobe Bryant, the NBA’s best and brightest star allowed this to happen? It had to be a choke of epic proportions.

It certainly seems that it was.


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