Immediate Reaction to UFC 86: BS decision in title fight

I know I didn’t post my analysis to the UFC 86 card and fight predictions but I had Quinton Jackson by TKO in Rd 2. I thought he would dominate Forrest because of the lack of power Forrest has, the stone chin that Rampage has and just the complete overall power of Rampage would own Forrest. That came to fruition in the first round of the fight but that’s not how it ultimately turned out….

Look, yea Forrest jacked up Rampage’s leg in the 2nd but he didn’t do anything in the rest of that round. So what he controlled him? its 10-9, that’s it. You have to do what Koscheck did to Lytle in that 2nd round to get a 10-8. I mean that’s bs. So alright, that evens up the fight at 1 round apiece after he knocked Forrest down.

In the third and fourth rounds Rampage CLEARLY does not only more damage but packs more power in the punches, hurts Forrest more than vice versa. There’s no way that the score could be any worse than 39-36 at this point for Rampage.

Now to the fifth and final. They both study each other for the first little bit trading jabs and Forrest sweeping at Page with a couple kicks in 3 minutes. Then Quinton pours it on in the end even on the bum leg he’s still hurting Forrest.

my score for fight 49-46 Rampage. I could see giving RD 5 to Forrest so 48-47 at best.

Now, I another thing I think HAS TO BE CONSIDERED in any 5 rd title fight is did the Challenger BEAT the Champion? Did he TAKE his title? In no way did Forrest take Rampage’s belt tonight. There’s just no way. Quinton even 75% still controlled that fight and did more damage.


only thing good that comes out of this is that it sets up some really nice fights. now Quinton comes down to Shogun’s and Wanderlei’s level or could have a rematch with Forrest right away. Forrest will not last long as champ and Quinton will have that belt back around his waist before long.

I will say this, that was an AWESOME fight and I loved it. Just completely disappointed with the decision!

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