UFC 86: Post-fight Analysis

  • Tyson Griffin looked very good in his fight against Marcus Aurellio. His movement in stand up game was exceptional, the way he mixed up his punches and kicks and different levels was phenomenal. Aurellio just looked tentative the entire night. No aggression at all. Did not take advantage of his 6 in. reach advantage.
  • Josh Koscheck just brutalized Lytle. That shit was nasty. I mean, shit, that’s what you call a beating right there.
  • Tibau is huge for 155 lbs. He’s gotta be at 175 or so during that fight.
  • Tibau I think panicked there at the end, tapping so quick. You just can’t do that, especially when he was dominating the fight and your head is about to pop out of there.
  • Props to Joe Stevenson though, he never gives up. That guy just wins fights. plain and simple
  • Almeida is just like an anaconda with how dominating his ju-jitsu is. I mean you just can’t stop his BJJ. But after the first round, he barely attempted to get Cote on the ground. I was completely mystified by his lack of take down attempts. There was no reason Almeida should have lost this fight.
  • I also love Ricardo’s intensity. Even as RD 1 comes to an end he gets up and stares Cote down briefly.
  • After second viewing of Jackson/Griffin fight here is my unbiased, non-emotionally tied scoring:

Rd 1: 10-9 Jackson

Rd 2: 10-8 Griffin

Rd 3: 10-9 Jackson

Rd 4: 10-9 Jackson

That gives us a score of 38-37 entering the fifth round in favor of the Champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Now, clearly in the fifth round Forrest Griffin is busier than the champ BUT you tell me where at any time in that round (or any of the others for that matter sans the 2nd) where Rampage was threatened. He was never hurt by anything Forrest did. On the other hand, whenever Rampage threw a combination at Forrest he would visibly hurt him. Rampage did more damage to Forrest over the end of the fight (last 3 rounds) while Forrest only out-struck him clearly in the last.  I think the last round can go either way but here’s the thing — if you give the round to Forrest at 10-9 that leaves us with a 47-47 draw (which is VERY unpopular and something you want to avoid at all costs in a main event, let alone a title fight) which means the title stays with the champion. So you could do that OR you could give the round to the Champion, making it a 48-46 fight and decisive win for Rampage. There’s really no difference in the two scores except for how it looks on the outside to us fans, and the way it goes down in their records. Ultimately, however, Rampage holds on to the belt.

Rd 5: 10-9 Jackson

48-46 Jackson

He was robbed, plain and simple. I hope there is an immediate rematch scheduled for early November or some new card yet unknown in early October.


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