The 137th Open Championship

… Goes down in a matter of minutes, really. And let me say that I’ve been anticipating this one, taking place at Royal Birkdale, since Sergio Garcia lipped out his par putt on the 72nd hole and lost in the playoff to Padraig Harrington last year and didn’t etch his name on the Claret Jug like he deserved to.

The British Open is easily the best golf tournament and major that there is in the World. When you combine the Open’s field and the style of golf that is played — it’s easily No. 1 in my book. I love links golf and there’s nothing like going back to where the game of golf was originated to see the game at its best. On top of the beauty of the courses and the mystique of courses like St. Andrew’s and Carnoustie and Royal Birkdale, etc. and etc. there’s the elements that come into play on degrees unlike anywhere else.

My picks for 137th Champion golfer:

1. Sergio Garcia — playing his best golf in his career, arguably and coming into the tournament in which he has always excelled the most at in his career. He has five top 10s in his last 6 starts at the British Open and four of which are top 5’s.
2. Lee Westwood — playing well enough now to become the first European to win at Royal Birkdale in the nine tournaments it will have hosted. Really has the overall game needed to get it done in major championships.
3. Geoff Ogilvy

4. Andres Romero

5. Miguel Angel Jimenez

Now, to touch on this asterisk talk cuz a certain somebody is out with an injury. Uhhh, are you (sports world/critics) putting asterisks on all the tournaments that Jack won cuz this certain somebody wasn’t playing in those? And what happened last year at Carnoustie? Where was your boy in that tournament? Where has he been the last 3 or 4 or 10 British Opens? That’s what I thought. Nowhere. What’s the difference? How can you even say that Tiger would be in the top 20 this year at the Open when he wasn’t last year, and he rarely ever is? All you people on his nuts need to get off and realize that just cuz he shows up at a major doesn’t mean he’s winning it. In fact, he loses far more than he wins. Far more.

This is going to be another awesome British Open to follow in line with a long line of all the other greats. Can’t wait to see it go down as I’m sure many of you are feeling and I really want to see who steps up in the absence of Tiger to be the man. And perhaps, eventually be his rival when he comes back.

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