The Debate on Oil Drilling

What you have to understand is that any alternative oil drilling that we — the U.S. — decides to do contrary to receiving oil from the Middle East or Venezuela is going to be minimal in terms of what is really needed. The fact of the matter is — and I don’t think the average citizen out there realizes this — oil is declining in availability all over the world, I mean, hello, it is a nonrenewable resource. Funny how that works, huh?

People, what we need to concentrate on is ALTERNATIVE ENERGY RESOURCES. I don’t understand how many times this needs to be said, how high gas prices need to get before people realize that gasoline needs to be done away with. I don’t think that gas stations becoming obsolete can happen any quicker. I can’t wait to drive down the 1-5 and pass by gas stations that resemble the rundown hick towns of nowhereville where the windows are all boarded up and the gas pumps are those old school 1940s editions with rusted nozzles and the works — that to me is a dream come true when that day finally rolls around. Honestly, it can’t come here soon enough.

John McCain wants to talk about offshore drilling and how that’s going to solve our energy problems and lower gas costs and blah blah blah. But what the crippled, face-deteriorating knucklehead needs to realize is that not only is that a very short, temporary “bandaid” to a very serious cut if you will, its a serious detriment to our environment and the ecosystem. After all, there’s a reason why offshore drilling has been outlawed in this nation for so damn long. Why this idiot and other republicans can’t come to the realization that alternative energy and things like hydrogen cells are the wave of the future; the place where we need to start focusing our money on, is completely beyond me.

It’s nothing but a temporary solution in a time when oil is disappearing and technology is growing at incredible rates where things like hydrogen based cars and cars running on things like fucking horse manure and stuff akin to that is becoming very plausible. This is the future. Quit living in the fucking past.


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