Projecting the Seahawks 53 man roster

With the season now about a week away from its Thursday kickoff and final roster cuts due this Saturday, it’s time to take a look at the Seattle Seahawks 75 man roster and what the final 53 man roster should look like.

Offense (26)

QB (3) — Hasselbeck, Wallace, Frye

RB (6) — Jones, Morris, Duckett, Forsett, Weaver, Schmitt

OL (8) — Jones, Wahle, Spencer, Willis, Locklear, Wrotto, Sims, Vallos

WR (6) — Branch, Burleson, Obomanu, Taylor, Engram, Kent

TE (3) — Carlson, Putzier, Heller

Defense (23)

DL (9) — Kerney, Tapp, Jackson, Babin, Bernard, Mebane, Atkins, Green, Bryant

LB (6) — Peterson, Hill, Tatupu, Lewis, Laury, Hawthorne

DB (8) — Trufant, Jennings, Wilson, Babineux, Grant, Russell, Adams, Hobbs

Special Teams (4)

K (2) — Mare, Coutu

P (1) — Plackemier

LS (1) — Robinson

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