CBS considering deal with UFC again?

NY Post writer Michael Pope thinks CBS may be re-thinking its foray into MMA but not ditching it completely, just which organization to showcase.

Despite what some pessimists may infer from this news, If what anything this guy writes is true, then you have to believe that CBS still wants to prove that MMA is a legit sport worth showcasing in primetime. It’s why they pursued UFC in the first place and then settled for Elite. They want to give the sport a real chance and they, like everyone else, realize that they are only showcasing what amounts to the minor leagues of the sport.

I don’t think it’s a matter of CBS wanting out of MMA altogether. It’s a matter of them wanting to do this thing right and get the viewership that it deserves and that, they as a broadcast company, deserve. The UFC will bring them that but they obviously need to go to the UFC with a deal that allows them to keep the integrity of their broadcasts. That means Rogan and Goldberg and not the CBS team. It means a bunch of other things too I’m sure that I’m not even aware of. So we’ll see.


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