Couture returns, but does it really matter?

Obviously there’s been a lot of hype surrounding a potential Randy Couture/Fedor Emilianenko match-up because of Couture’s last two dominating wins and his statement that he only wants to fight Fedor now. “Captain America” blew off his previous 4-fight contract (completing just two of the four) in order to pressure the UFC into giving him a) a new contract worth more money and b) a fight with Fedor.
Now, after a year of being on the sidelines while things were dealt with in court, Couture is on his way back to fighting in the Octagon. And with a future match-up with Brock Lesnar set for November 15th in Portland at UFC 91 it appears one large obstacle is out of the way for the much-talked-about clash. But it seems that another large one has been constructed in the form of a 6’3 280 lb wrestling champ with a 2-1 MMA record. Lesnar will be no easy pushover opponent for the 45-yr old Couture and what happens if Lesnar manhandles “The Natural” like he’s certainly capable of given his size, speed and raw strength? Does Fedor no longer want to fight Couture? And does that fight even make sense?

Perhaps that’s what the UFC is banking on. That even if Couture wins, the Fedor/Couture fight will happen in the UFC and if Lesnar beats Couture at least they still sell one of the largest PPVs ever — if not the largest — and have Couture for two more fights not to mention Lesnar now has even more buying-power.

My point is this, though, for over a year now people have clamored for a Couture/Fedor match-up, but why? Couture is 45 and 16-8 as a fighter, nothing spectacular. I would contend that he’s a much better light-heavyweight than he is a heavyweight. Most likely that potential fight ends much the same way Fedor’s fight with Tim Sylvia ended — a first round TKO/submission. The thing about Couture is he’s the ultimate warrior and that’s why fans gravitate towards him, and it doesn’t hurt that he has a very likeable personality.

I’m just not so sure that his comeback does much for him. The UFC will profit big time, Lesnar will probably profit big time, Nogueira will profit (gets to be the undisputed champ) but Randy…. that remains to be seen.

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