Prison Break season 4 kicks off with a bang

Just got thru watching the season premiere episodes of Prison Break season 4 over at fox on demand and must say that I am very impressed with the direction the writers are taking this season. Gone are the stale ideas of breaking out of prison (not that it was bad, it’s just two seasons of formulating a prison break plan was enough) and finally we get to see Michael, Lincoln and Sarah (yes! she’s alive and back and hotter  than before with the battle scars on her back, gotta love ’em) and the rest of the gang out in the open without the walls of a prison to confine their movements.

The great thing about Prison Break, to me, has always been the writing and the characters. The writing of the show is, in my opinion, some of the best on television. It’s very intelligent and the doses of humor that are thrown in are awesome. And then with the characters, from Scofield to T-Bag, to Sucre and Mahone all are played wonderfully by the actors and given some real depth by the writers.

I really like where this season is going. Finally Michael gets to exact some revenge on those that have tormented his last couple of years, trying to have he and his family killed at every turn. The premiere was great in that they (the writers) not once, not twice, but at least three  times presented the viewers with a direction the show was going to go and then without any warning turned it on its head and went a whole ‘nother direction that you didn’t see coming. The killing of Whistler was perfect. Not only was he annoying as hell as a character but as a viewer, you didn’t see it coming at all. I was already thinking at that moment that we were going to watching an entire season where Michael and Linc were going to be helping Mahone and Whistler bring down the company because it would ultimately bring Michael Sarah.

Another interesting addition to the show this season is the Asian character who’s name I didn’t pick up. Obviously, it presents the writers with an ability to do some new creative things writing wise to spice up the dialogue in the show which is already great. Again, I really like the premise that all six (Scofield, Linc, Mahone, Sucre, Bellick and eventually T-Bag) are going to have to work together, set aside their several differences to get themselves off the hook. It’d be nice to see if the writers could somehow find a way to bring back C-note who seemed to be discarded without much explanation.

And lastly, I’m really intrigued by the T-Bag storyline this year. With him hunting Scofield with pure vengeance in his heart, it will interesting to see how that plays out and what new devilry T-Bag will be up to this season. I already love the tour thru the desert with the fat mexican who he eventually has to eat >.>. Line of the episode:

“What’s the matter? You have some bad mexican?”

T-Bag: “…something like that…”

On the ridiculous side:

Michael getting his full upper body, both front and back tattoo, removed without any kind of seditive and up walking around the same day like it was no big deal. Now, I don’t have tattoos, so obviously I have never gone thru the removal procedure but I can imagine how painful it would be to get even a minor tattoo removed not to mention a full sleeve not just on your arm but on your entire front upper body and back upper body! That was just ridiculous…

gotta love the toughness out of Scofield though, =]

Prison Break weekly episode recaps/analysis will be done every Wed./Thurs. here at The General’s Orders. Please check back weekly to share your thoughts with Maximus.


2 responses to “Prison Break season 4 kicks off with a bang

  1. Roland(the asian guy) was a Jerk, Wyatt was a bully and Mahone is hero(way to go Mahonne, I am glad you and Michael work together as a team) as for Michael and Sarah, they are a perfect couple

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