Prison Break review: episode 3

In episode 3 Michael Scofield and the gang continue their look for the five other Scylla cards by going through the information on card holder 1’s pda which was downloaded by the watchmacallit device. Meanwhile, the watch guy from the bureau who created the operation goes thru questioning from his superiors and ultimately the director chooses to Shut Down the entire operation and send the boys back to prison. But not before Scofield has anything to say about it. Gathering information from the man’s email, Michael puts together the clues and they hustle out to a power plant in Newport Beach where a meeting is taking place. Just as the others are being rounded up by the feds which have been chasing them the entire time, Michael gets away and spies on the meeting taking place, recording it with a cell phone. Michael then turns himself in and shows the video to the feds displaying a meeting with all six scylla holders and with more proof the guy decides to let them continue the operation pending a talk with the director.

Meanwhile T-Bag follows up on the package he found in the locker at the train station. He settles in a nice furnished apartment, calls a few different leads before settling on a marketing (?) company called Gate where he is some impressive salesman that hasn’t met anyone at the company and they want to give him a bonus check and meet him. Now T-Bag is in the game.

In the midst of gathering the information, Scofield and Sara get a little bit closer, Linc finds out about Mahone losing his kid and after talking with his bureau connections, Mahone retrieves information on the man who killed his son and took his wife away. Because of this revelation, Linc has a new found respect for Mahone and agrees to work with him in finding the killer of his son. Bellick again does nothing but whine and complain and try to convince Sucre to ditch to Mexico but Sucre tells him — like a real man — he doesn’t care how bad the odds are against him, he’s going to do everything that he can to see his baby girl again. And in the category of all things evil, the man hunting Linc and Scofield gets a little bit closer after torturing the man who bailed them out in Chicago and then finishes off by killing him.


Once again the episode was well written and well acted. The only thing I’d say is with early episodes like this one (in the span of a season) the writers are generating drama by making false endings. I find it kinda retarded but, hey, that’s just me. Other than that, there was nothing really to complain or get excited about. Everything seemed feasible and plausible and the episode did what early episodes are supposed to do and that is transition to a major conclusion.

Line of the episode:

“Grab a bat [false identity’s name], coach has just put you in the game.” — T-Bag

On the ridiculous side:

T-Bag thinking he can pretend to be a top-mark salesman


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