Hills post-episode thoughts

First just let me say that I’m not the type that waits on pins and needles every Monday for the new Hills episode to air (I usually forget and end-up catching the last couple weeks episodes on the re-runs during mid-week) and I’m certainly not like those two idiots who host the aftershow and apparently have nothing better to do with their lives than to go and analyze the lives of like 4 or 5 20-somethings who to their jealousy, are much cooler than they are.

No, I’m the type that watches the Hills because not only do I think Lauren is gorgeous, I think that she is a very down-to-earth, respectable woman who I could see myself really, truly being friends with. That and the show is pretty funny. Some of the drama that ends up going down is downright hillarious while the other drama I just roll my eyes at and wonder how they can be so stupid.

And part of what makes the show so funny is Spencer Pratt. LMAO. See I can’t even say his name without laughing cuz the dude is just so damn funny. Now, he’s also the most selfish, self-absorbed person I’ve ever seen but his sense of humor is exactly like mine. LOL. I just love how Heidi comes home from work (he’s playing an arcade game) and she’s like “wow, I can see you’re working hard” all sarcastic and he’s just like “yeah. working on my high score” lmao, that’s classic. Or how about how he drives all the way to Heidi’s work, pulls her away and into the car just so he can tell her that Holly needs to go cuz she “deleted three shows off of my tivo”. LMAO, I feel his pain right there. NOBODY TOUCHES MY TIVO! Period. I laughed probably the hardest I’ve laughed in a long time because of a tv show to that line.

Anyways, I thought I’d chime in on the lastest episode (at least I think it’s the latest one…) where Lauren goes off to Italy (on her own? for fun? or was it her job? kinda strange…) and 1) Audrina and Lo, well mostly Audrina talk with Heidi and 2) Stephanie Pratt goes on a date with Doug (oooooooooooooh, omg, wtf?!) geeeeeeeeeeez, let me go puke…

[obviously I think the “girl code” of not allowing one of their friends go out with an ex is down right stupid. So what? Every guy that one girl touches is now off the market for her friends? Thats dumb. I mean I could understand if the dude dumped her and she really liked him and took awhile for her to get over him, (which obviously means you have to respect time in that case which I completely agree with) but in the case that was presented on the show when two parties part mutually because there’s no chemistry or whatever, it shouldn’t matter. It’s retarded that girls will have all this drama over stupid shit.]

What I really wanted to say was, the scene where Lauren comes home from Italy and gets filled in on the two things I mentioned from Lo and Audrina reminded me of the Godfather.

I mean the way the two of them (Audrina and Lo) were all silent while they waited for Lauren’s reply, and what her reaction would be after they told her each thing was just so reminiscent of a mafia don controlling his under bosses or minions. Audrina and Lo are like minions and Lauren is this all-powerful mafia don who controls everything. And then to see the upcoming episode clips and see Stephanie like on her knees and crying to Lauren and saying that she will never see him again.

Lauren was probably like, “I believe you but my Tommy gun don’t! I’ma give you 3 seconds to get your yellow, no good…” well you know the rest.

Isn’t she though?


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