Kimbo Sliced, what’s EliteXC to do?

So the joke (Kimbo Slice) has been uncovered (by Seth Petruzelli in 14 seconds) and now EliteXC is left scrambling to do damage control as they try to save their promotion. After all, the face of the promotion was just knocked out by some nobody and made to look silly in the process. Obviously the promotion is in a very critical situation. What are they to do?

Well I have some advice for them and they would be wise to take it if they have any thoughts of sticking around.

First things first is they need to get off of Kimbo’s bandwagon, fast. Look, yes he’s green and yes, he may have potential down the line but right now his skills are rudimentary at best and you can’t continue to throw him cans and have that be your main event. It’s a joke and it’s extremely dangerous for you if you want to seem legitimate.

If you want to be legitimate (and I’m assuming you do) you need to start promoting fighters like Middleweight Champ Robbie Lawler, Welterweight Champ Jake Shields and charismatic fighter Nick Diaz in addition to the face of women’s MMA, Gina Carano. These are legit fighters with talent and charisma. They need to be the face of your organization, not some street fighter with an ugly mug and no talent!

It was a mistake in the first place for them to attach their entire success to a guy with no talent but now they have a chance to remedy the situation. They need to seize that opportunity. They have a solid card coming up in one month with Lawler defending his title against Joey Villasenor and a light heavyweight fight to crown their first LHW champ. It’s important for them to sell talent rather than personality and internet hype. And its not like Lawler, Diaz and Carano don’t have personality. These guys are just waiting to be promoted. So do it!

Next, you schedule a rematch between Kimbo and Petruzelli. Give Kimbo a chance to prepare properly for the fight and redeem himself. If he does, then you can slowly rebuild his reputation and status in the HW division. If not, you cut him lose. EliteXC needs to realize that Kimbo Slice can be replaced. Plain and simple.

They don’t have much time and they need to be 100% right on whatever they decide to do. They’d be wise to listen to my advice.


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