Clemson fires Tommy Bowden, UW needs to pick him up now

After nine pretty stellar seasons as head coach at Clemson, Tommy Bowden has been sent packing by the Tigers.

This is big news as Bowden has been a great coach for a long time, not a good coach but a great coach. Clemson has been a big time program under Bowden for several years and the guy really knows how to recruit. It’s big news because as a University of Washington football fan, it’s a coach like this that the Husky program sorely needs.

Someone who has impeccable head coaching credentials and resume, someone who knows how to recruit and someone who knows defense. If the Huskies snatch up Bowden, they’ll have someone who can recruit the all important South! A place that the Huskies have been neglecting for basically the entire length of their program’s history. I mean why do you think that the SEC and the Big 12 are the top conferences in football right now? All the talent is in the South.

The Huskies need Tommy Bowden and this is a gift for them. In the midst of the worst season in their history, when it appears like the program’s desolation has no end in sight, here is the light. Come on Mark Emmert lets get this done.

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