Big East hoops breakdown

I’ve been wanting to post a breakdown of recent Big East men’s basketball action for some time so I thought I’d do an all-encompassing post-holiday week analysis of the teams that I viewed thru the month of December.

Cincinnati: Talent wise this is a top 10 team in the Big East this year which again displays just how deep the conference is because they are also a top 40 team in the NCAA. Their current issue remains FG shooting % and post play from their talented big men. I think as the year goes on, the Bearcats will continue to get better. Watch out for Yancy Gates and Anthony McClain.

Connecticut: Lost their first game at home against Georgetown due to a lackadaisical performance by their guards and Hasheem Thabeet. Jerome Dyson was nursing a sore knee which probably led to his poor shooting day but Thabeet had no excuse for getting schooled by Hoyas freshman Greg Monroe. Monroe is simply a beast and far better than Thabeet. That fact has to be realized by the Huskies. Still the most talented team in the league, with the best PG in the league. Should bounce back to win the conference title.

DePaul: A tough team to beat to put it simply. Aside from Tucker not much talent after losing Wilson Chandler and Macia. Has potential to be good down the line but with the strength of the conference this year will finish among the bottom four.

Georgetown: Here’s a team that has improved immensely since I saw them barely beat Wichita State. Their halfcourt offense in that game was brutal. Since that tournament, this team has become far more dynamic with its offense, learning to go thru freshman Greg Monroe (who is a beast) and Dajuan Summers. This team has loads of talent and solid role players, will be an Elite Eight tournament team for sure.

Louisville: Now here’s a team with plenty of talent but just doesn’t know how to play together at a moment. Extremely underachieving and overrated right now, shouldn’t be in the top 25. Come March this team should be rolling though or so hopes Rick Pitino. Their guard play leaves much to be desired and I see that as their major flaw.

Marquette: A very sound team with trio of guards in James, McNeal and Matthews. Their frontline is also solid and they play good defense. An underrated team that is going to win a lot of games in the Big East and finish in the top 7 of the league.

Villanova: Watched games against Texas, Marquette and Memphis and saw what everyone else probably knows — this is a team that needs Scottie Reynolds and the two Corey’s to play well. If they don’t get good guard play then Cunningham is left alone and isn’t the type of player that can win games by himself. In my opinion, overrated in current #13 spot, more along the lines of 8th or 9th best Big East team.


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