24 Season 7 makes its debut…finally


It has been a long two year wait for 24 diehards like myself, and speaking of diehard, the initial plot of Season 7 has a very familiar aspect to those of us who have seen Diehard 2 but I will get into that later.

For now, it’s enough to say that I’m extremely happy to see 24 finally back on the airwaves. And even though the fans of this show, myself included, have now been deprived of a full season of this show (7 seasons in 8 years), I guess it was worth the wait because the show definitely returned with a bang.

That bang was carried out with a very well produced, written and acted two hour debut. Now there were, are, several elements of the show that I am skeptical of right now. These are, but not limited to, the dissolving of CTU, the revival of Tony Almeida, a female President and a very annoying FBI base of operatons.

For now though, it’s enough to see 24 and everything that is good about the program (i.e Kiefer Sutherland, the writing, the characters and the look into the intelligence and espionage that it gives us) has returned. And as much as I question bringing back Almeida as if he hadn’t died (which he clearly did) and all the problems that are created with bringing a character back from the dead (the credibility of ANYONE now being dead can be brought into question, for instance maybe George Mason is still alive after being exposed to radioactive materials and crashing the plane with a nucleur bomb on it in the desert, I mean we never ACTUALLY saw him die. >.>), you can’t deny that it creates a very interesting and intriguing dynamic between Almeida and Jack. It will be very interesting to see how their relationship unfolds.

Additionally, there are many positive elements to season 7 in the early going. Namely the character of FBI Agent Renee Walker. Not only is she very cute (which always helps), I like the strength of this character and the dynamic she presents now working alongside Jack. There’s definitely a mutual respect there and I think that’s very cool.

And then there’s the terrorist threat/challenge being faced. As I alluded to in the intro paragraph of this article, it mimics the plot line of Diehard 2. What 24 has added though, is a greater element of control in which these perpetrators can now implement and that is of other utilities under this firewall that they have now penetrated, i.e. water, electricity, etc.

I think it’s a very plausible situation. Something that could very well be faced by this country and that’s what makes the show so exciting, that and everything else I mentioned.

So at the very least, the first two episodes broadcast on Sunday, gave a very promising debut of the show. I will be doing a post-wrap article after each episode (airs on Mondays) and posting on Tuesday, most likely. Tomorrow will be my first of these as I will look back at the 4-hour premiere and analyze the plot developments in my own, personal way. Stay tuned and as always, feel free to share your own thoughts and comments below.


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