Fox Cancels Prison Break


The sad news has arrived. This day was seen as inevitable by any Prison Break fan, and it happened Tuesday morning. Fox execs, meeting during their winter press tour, have come to the decision to cancel the show after it’s Season 4 finale sometime in May.

The show returns in April to conclude the 4th season — and the series. Just how many episodes will be aired remains in discussions.

“We’ve got our remaining batch of four episodes and then there are a couple more we’re contemplating,” says network prez Kevin Reilly, adding that the four-year old Prison has simply run its course. “The show is played out.”

That maybe so. Hopefully they give Prison Break the conclusion it deserves. I will say this though, for a show based around a Prison Break for four seasons it has been incredibly imaginative, ingenuous and artistic. The writing, acting and character development always were top notch, certainly levels better than what is currently on TV. Those things will sorely be missed especially when they are so hard to find. Hopefully Fox can create something else to replace it and keep guys like Wentworth Miller and William Fichtner employed.


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