Saturday Observations of Big East Hoops


#20 Louisville vs. #1 Pittsburgh

First off, what a game! Just watching these two talented teams go at it you can clearly see that both are two of the best defensive teams in the country and both are capable of Final Four runs. I don’t think this game was a true depiction of Pitt. Anytime you lose Dejuan Blair to foul trouble like that and he’s on the bench for half the game, it’s not going to be a true picture of what the Panthers are like. Then again, Louisville’s front court ability and pressure defense are what enabled that to happen.

It’s not a big deal to lose a hard fought game on the road to a Louisville team that will finish the year as one of the 5-7 best in the nation. The Panthers are still right near the top as one of the best teams in the country just like they were two nights ago. It’s just another tough game along the gauntlet of a schedule that the Big East puts its teams thru. Every now and then you’re going to stumble.

#12 Georgetown @ #2 Duke

First thing that comes to mind about this game is just Duke being Duke and everything that those of us who hate Duke hate about Duke, was on clear display at Cameron Indoor.  The Blue Devils continue to get every call to go there way in big games and it’s ridiculous. The Hoyas were dominating that game, controlling the Blue Devils in every way imaginable until the referees stole the momentum from them and put their best player on the pine. Even without their big man and best player, the Hoyas battled to a mere nine-point loss on the road in a non-conference game. Pretty good considering they played like a shell of themselves. All I have to say is if the Hoyas of Wednesday night against Syracuse played Duke, they would have blown them out of their own house.

One last comment I have on this game is to respond to what Coach K said about the two conferences, ACC vs. Big East and his assertion that, “the ACC is clearly better.”

True they do (did) have four teams in the top ten this week. Well whoopty fucking do! First off, the only reason for that is undeserved hype and lack of quality opponents. Clemson at nine is a joke and only a result of a weak schedule. Second, the Big East had four teams in the top ten for two or three weeks (can’t remember) already this season not to mention as many as nine teams in the top 22 at one point this year.

There isn’t even a comparison of the two conferences. Top to bottom the Big East is better and even at the top, the Big East is stronger with Pitt, UConn, Louisville and Syracuse versus UNC, Wake Forest, Duke and Clemson. You match up those teams and the Big East wins all four games.

And one last thing coach K, you think your team is so good beating Georgetown? They were voted preseason #7 in the Big East, lmao. Wanna play the top six? Didn’t think so!


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