Remembering MLK Jr., a dream that still lives


Today (actually January 15th) marks the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s 80th birthday. Today we remember a man who has inspired as many people with his ideals and his speeches than any man to walk this earth.

I’m not going to sit here and type out all of his exploits and what this man means for I think we all know just what he has done for this country and for civil rights across the world. What I wanted to do was just take a few moments out in my day to do what we should all do today (and every day for that matter) — remember Dr. King.

What he means to me can’t really be put into words. I admire his spirit, his courage and his determination. Obviously a one of a kind man akin to Ghandi but more charismatic and outspoken than Ghandi, certainly a more capable and willing leader.

More than admiration, to me he embodies the goodness of the human spirit. Everytime I think about him a sort of calm comes over myself. You get a real appreciation for life and what it’s really all about. All of a sudden the day to day bullshit that we toil through in our lives today (just society’s immature cultural practices), you realize the immaturity of it all.

This year’s day of remembrance is especially poignant. Tomorrow the United States inaugurates it’s first black President and while in many parts of this country racism and prejudice still thrives in hearts and in minds and in actions, we as a nation take a great step towards removing that dark, malevolent disease that taints our history. The reality that we can all do whatever we set our minds on finally becomes realized to its full capacity.

I implore you all today to take time out to watch the entirety of his “I Have a Dream” speech which will be aired on CNN and can surely be found online. For it is singularly the best speech ever spoken in the U.S. and definitely the most important one given in our nation’s history.

Good day to you all and I hope everyone of you will take some time to remember the great Dr. King. I leave you with the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

Let freedom ring!



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