the General’s Power 16, week 2

After another good weekend of college hoops, it’s time for version two of my Power 16 rankings. Some of the news this week was UConn and Louisville continuing their Big East romps (wins over Villanova, @ Notre Dame and Rutgers, @ Syracuse respectively), Duke stomping Maryland at Cameron Indoor, Wake Forest caught looking ahead by Virginia Tech and Washington taking hold of the Pac-10 away from UCLA.

While Notre Dame and Georgetown are struggling right now with their play, these are two teams that have established themselves with big non-conference wins (over Texas and Memphis respectively) and have shown thru their play that they are two of the top 16 teams in the country when they are at their best.

I know these are coming out about 16 hours late but that’s the breaks.
Anyways, sorry for the delay,  here they are:

  1. Connecticut — Now 6-1 on the year against ranked teams and playing as well as any team in the nation. Their defense is stifling and their guard rotation with Price/Dyson/Austrie/Walker is as good as any.
  2. Louisville — extended their winning streak to seven games and is now 6-0 in the Big East. If UConn isn’t playing the best basketball right now, this is the team that is playing better. T-Will and E5 are as talented as they come and this team plays stifling pressure ‘d’, rebounds and can score. The Cardinals are filthy and rolling right now.
  3. Pittsburgh — Defense, defense and some more defense. Few teams will out rebound and defend the Panthers. Only loss is to the Cardinals who happen to be #2 on this list.
  4. Wake Forest — Regardless of their loss to VaTech I still believe this is the best team in the ACC. They will prove it on Wednesday against Duke.
  5. North Carolina — Perhaps as talented as any team in the nation, starting to play more like they’re capable of.
  6. Syracuse — Despite falling to Pitt and Louisville this week, the ‘Cuse remain one of the best teams in the country. Their frontline with Onuoaku and Jackson could be the best in the nation and their guard play with Johnny Flynn leading the attack isn’t shabby either.
  7. Duke — The new No. 1 in the polls sits 7th on my list. Sure they play some tough ‘d’ but who is their go-to player? Henderson is awesome but is there really anybody else that scares you? I say no.
  8. Oklahoma — Hasn’t played or beaten anybody and that didn’t change with a win over Baylor.
  9. Marquette — Remained undefeated in the Big East with a win over DePaul. Schedule gets tougher beginning this week with a trip to Notre Dame and then against Georgetown.
  10. Michigan State — Looks like they’re starting to play up to their ability.
  11. Xavier — Dominating the A-10 with their play. Very athletic, good defensive team.
  12. West Virginia –– Watch out for this team. Freshmen Ebanks and Bryant are starting to come into their own. Best defensive team in the nation.
  13. Notre Dame — Despite recent three game losing streak, check who those losses were to. UConn, Louisville and Syracuse — all teams that are ahead of them in the polls and my rankings. Hence teams that should beat them. I don’t punish the Irish in any way. But they need to turn it around and start beating the teams they are supposed to to stay in contention in the Big East.
  14. Texas — With Abrams and James this team will contend for Big 12 title.
  15. Georgetown — Struggling a bit right now but to be expected with how young they are. Monroe remains best freshman in the nation. Get him the ball!
  16. Arizona St. — Playing very well and Harden is a dominant player. Team should win the Pac-10 title.

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