24 Season 7 Analysis — Hour 6


Episode 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

She’s alive! So Agent Walker survives being buried alive and I know I can speak for many of you when I say we are glad to see that. Was it just me or did any of you wish you were Bill Buchanon at that point, administering CPR to her. Even with all the dirt and grime she looked good.

But I digress. Episode six began the first real disposal of characters with Samantha Roth and *surprise* Agent Gedge, not Henry Taylor; David Emmerson and his buddy whose name I couldn’t pick up plus two Duboku henchman. Not to mention the 271+ innocent Americans when Duboku collided two American planes in midair over Washington D.C.

Yes, the terrorist attacks have begun and you can mark it down as midway thru hour six. It doesn’t appear like they are going to stop anytime soon as President Taylor appears more stubborn than a dead mule. For some reason she would rather same the lives of innocent Songalians than that of innocent Americans. Sometimes when watching the show I forget just what country she’s the President of. Now I hope people will see why a woman can’t be left to run a nation, let alone the United States of America.

Don’t even get me started on her referencing the Founder’s ideals. What ideals are you talking about, Madame President? Perhaps the ideal of “every man is created equal” written by Thomas Jefferson himself. The same Thomas Jefferson who avoided war with Great Britain and France at every cost in the early 1800’s, even going so far as to install a pure isolationist policy that included trading with no one and talking with no one. We’re not talking about helping some estranged foreign group of people, we’re talking about simple trading and commerce. This is because Thomas Jefferson understood most importantly that there is one and only one matter of concern for the United States and that is the United States and its own people.

That’s right. When you come to the General’s blog you get a history lesson as well. That’s how I do things over here.

“Tell that to the families of the dead.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Those words uttered by Secretary Joe Stevens condemned the inexplicable actions of Madame President Taylor who justified the killing of innocent Americans and her further decisioning of not cooperating with Duboku’s demands by the tired, old motto of not dealing with terrorists. We don’t deal with terrorists, huh? Tell that to the families of the dead indeed.

As hour six concludes the scene shifts to the apartment of Ms. Roth where Henry Taylor sits paralyzed on a couch and the rogue secret service agent prepares for a staged murder/suicide. However, after Agent Gedge stabs Samantha, Mr. Taylor begins to get some feeling back in his limbs and in the final moments of the staged crime, Mr. Taylor throws Agent Gedge off the second story balcony and together they fall, landing on the dining table, shattering it. That wasn’t the only thing shattered. It seems in the process of the fall Agent Gedge shattered his spinal cord because he was unable to prevent Mr. Taylor from finishing the job.

This is important because two of President Taylor’s closest aides, Ethan and Tim (Chief of Staff and a secretary of some sort, I believe..), know they need someone on their side who President Taylor will listen to as she plans to continue to ignore Duboku’s demands. Henry Taylor is that man and now he’s alive and privy to at least a small portion of the rogue White House faction. He lived and therefore can tell the tale of what Agent Gedge has done, hinting that there’s others involved.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. There’s still an agent awaiting Gedge’s call on the street and who knows when Taylor will get full movement in his limbs back. He definitely is not out of the woods yet. Not by any means.

The show leaves us with the promise of a bigger attack, this time on infrastructure in a small town in Ohio, casualty estimates near 20,000. Will Jack and company get to Duboku in time to prevent the carrying out of the plan? Will Mr. Taylor complete his improbable escape and get to his wife? We shall see next week.

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