It’s not often in one’s lifetime that you get to watch fights like this one so obviously on the rare occasions that they do come along, you cherish the moments.

Well quite simply, that’s what we’ve got coming to us this Saturday when UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St.-Pierre (GSP) puts his title on the line against current UFC Lightweight Champion and former Welterweight Champion BJ Penn at UFC 94.

Two fighters arguably the top pound-for-pound fighters in all of mixed martial arts are going to meet in the middle of the octagon in their prime and at the height of their games. You can’t ask for anything more than that.

Anytime you’re dealing with a fight between two top pound-for-pound fighters obviously it’s a hard match-up to call one way or the other. And that of course, is the same with this fight.

Penn is probably the more technical boxer and has always been one of the more gifted BJJ fighters but where he lacks is where I think the difference of the fight will be. That is despite being less of a boxer, GSP is certainly more of a dynamic striker, blending a diverse arsenal of kicks in with knees and punches. GSP is just so gifted athletically that he’s extremely hard to deal with in the stand-up portion.

Then there’s the size factor. GSP, a natural welterweight, will be around 185 lbs when he enters the octagon Saturday night. Penn on the other hand will be around 170 lbs. That’s 15 lbs of muscle on top of the athleticism advantage.

And one last thing on GSP’s side: wrestling prowess. The guy is probably the best wrestler right now in all of MMA which is saying something considering he never built up any kind of major wrestling background in school. For all of Penn’s ability on the ground he won’t be able to control GSP there. Even in their first fight almost three years ago, GSP was the one who dictated where the fight took place and when it went to the ground it was GSP on top delivering the ground and pound and tiring Penn out.

Three years later, GSP is far more dynamic as a striker, more technical as a wrestler and far more advanced as a BJJ practitioner going from a purple belt to a black belt.

GSP will push Penn for three rounds until Penn is battered and broken. Then in the fourth round after another strong combination from GSP, Penn will fall to the canvas and GSP will pounce with vicious elbows and hammerfists until the referee stops it. GSP by 4th round TKO.

No matter how the fight goes down though, I implore all of you to watch this fight. Even if you’ve never seen an MMA fight let alone either of these fighters, it will be the most exciting thing you’ve ever seen, I guarantee it. So order it on pay-per-view by 6:30 PST or call around to local sports bars to see if they will be covering it and go.

You won’t be disappointed.


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