Best Super Bowl Ever?

Dramatics yes, level of play definitely not.

Many critics and analysts today are talking about Super Bowl XLIII as the best one ever with the Steelers coming from behind late to overcome the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 for their sixth Super Bowl trophy.

I’m here to tell you that all those analysts are OUT OF THEIR MINDS.

Look, yes the Cardinals comeback of 13 points down late in the third quarter to take a 23-20 lead with just 2:30 to play was great and yes Santonio Holmes’ catch and toe-tap was incredible but the caliber of play, the officiating and execution made this game hard to watch for three full quarters.

The fourth quarter was great and where this game definitely made its mark but prior to that this game was brutal to watch. Kurt Warner couldn’t throw further than five yards to the flat and the Cardinal’s left tackle appeared to be unable to block ANYONE.

Then there’s that Santonio Holmes 40+ yard catch and run on the final drive — could No. 47 on Arizona take a worse angle on that tackle attempt? I mean my goodness, what a joke.

I don’t even want to get into the officiating. What a joke. Running into the holder? Are you KIDDING me? That mammoth third quarter drive by the Steelers which was carried on by three ridiculous calls — face mask on Rodgers-Cromartie when he himself was getting face masked, roughing the passer on Dansby when he just pushed Roethlisberger in the back like what happens on any other play and a pass interference call which could be called on every play if you’re going to be that strict.

So as far as drama it’s top five but if you want to watch a great game beginning to end of high caliber play and good officiating go back and watch Super Bowl 38 (Patriots and Panthers) or even 42 (Patriots and Giants).


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