St.-Pierre puts on legendary performance at UFC 94

Eric Jamison, Associated Press

(Photo credit: Eric Jamison, Associated Press.) Georges St.-Pierre ground and pounds UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn in the second round of their fight on Saturday night. St.-Pierre went on to dominate Penn thru four rounds, and defend his welterweight title as Penn's corner threw in the towel to stop the fight before beginning round five.

Once in a lifetime.

That’s the rare chance you come across a girl like Jessica Alba or the statistical probability that your average golfer will be able to celebrate a hole-in-one.

Well it’s also the probability that you watch a fighter like Georges St.-Pierre put on a performance like he did on Saturday night when he dominated UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn for four whole rounds before Penn’s corner threw in the towel to stop the fight.

In a fight that was never close, the Canadian did more than just cement his standing as the top welterweight fighter in the world. In defending his UFC Welterweight championship against the supremely talented BJ Penn, St.-Pierre cemented a legacy.

A legacy that puts “Rush” in the same category as other once-in-a-lifetime fighters that we mixed-martial arts fans have gotten to witness over the course of the years. These days we are graced with perhaps three: GSP, Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida who is a whole different story coming out of UFC 94.

With the way he steamrolled through Penn, St.-Pierre staked a strong claim for the title of No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Some will put him there and others perhaps won’t. Either way the gap between him and Anderson Silva isn’t so much a gap as it is a crevice — it’s as thin as it gets.

You don’t often get to see fighters like Anderson Silva and St.-Pierre so I implore every MMA fan around to enjoy it while it lasts. The scary thing is both are getting better. Silva is a mere 33-years-old and St.-Pierre is just 27-years-old. How good can he be? That is a scary thought, that what we saw Saturday night could be a mere fraction of what is to come from this ridiculous athlete.

And now talk of the ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime fight between Silva and St.-Pierre can commence.


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