24 Season 7 Analysis — Hour 7


Episode 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

In hour seven of 24 season 7, the major outcome is the development and subsequent squashing of a second terrorist strike, this time coming at a chemical plant in Kidron, Ohio.

Furthermore, the rogue crew of Jack, Tony, Bill and now joined by Agent Walker infiltrates the lair of Dubaku, destroys the CIP device and rescues Prime Minister Mutobo. The entire crew of Dubaku is terminated while Dubaku himself escapes by using Latham (the hostage who created the CIP device) as a diversion by blowing him up.

This particular development is what is very intriguing. First off, at now the completion of hour seven, the primary terrorist threat is put down and it appears that Dubaku, the primary bad guy is about to be put down in the next episode. Where does the show go from here? It will be very interesting to see because if I’m not mistaken, I would say this is the earliest any 24 season has moved from the primary threat to a secondary threat.

The show does create drama for the next episode in what it calls “the most gripping 24 yet.”

This drama is created with the capture of Henry Taylor who laid incapacitated on the floor of Samantha Roth’s apartment long enough for Agent Gedge’s lookout to come up and kidnap him after receiving orders from the now mobile Dubaku.

Meanwhile the FBI and White House led by President Taylor are searching for answers about why and how Dubaku pre-empted his attack on the chemical plant in Kidron. This combined with the development that Henry Taylor is now missing has the White House all in a dizzy.

That is until Prime Minister Mutobo — on the authority of Bill Buchanon — contacts President Taylor and informs her of what has been achieved by their rogue crew. Buchanon and company realize that they can’t stay unilateral any longer, they need to trust someone and plus Mutobo has to be let go. How will that be explained?

So the group orders a private meeting with the President and her closest circle of advisers. That meeting is set to take place in the opening portion of hour eight.  So Jack, Bill and Agent Walker are on their way to the White House to meet with President Taylor while Chloe remains at the safe house handling the logistics and Tony pursues a lead he knows through Emmerson’s crew. Also, Tony knows that a meeting with the President would mean his arrest and at this moment in time it isn’t quite pertinent.

The question remains with the grand objective seemingly being the uncovering of a corrupt group of agents within and outside of the White House, will they be in on the meeting and thus able to further interrupt its plans? And what kind of effect will this mysterious relationship between Dubaku and his neighbor have in the future?

Very curious indeed.


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