24 Season 7 Analysis — Hour 8


Episode 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Hour eight of season seven focuses on one lone objective and that is the recovery of Henry Taylor, the first gentleman, from Colonel Dubaku’s tight grasp. Dubaku threatens President Taylor that he will kill her husband if the United States does not withdraw its forces from Songalia.

President Taylor however, has shown herself to be adverse to the loss of American lives and isn’t swayed further even with it being her husband in danger. Stubborn might not be a strong enough word anymore. I don’t really know what she sees in the Songalian people but it’s apparent she cares more about them than the people of her own nation.

She does however, employ Jack and Agent Walker with the task of recovering her husband if at all possible and with Jack on the case you know that that possibility will be reached. And it is. The two of them get to Dubaku’s hideout just in time to reach Henry Taylor but in the process of recovering him, Taylor is shot in the chest by one of his assailants. Dubaku meanwhile escaped prior to Jack’s arrival to “take care of something.”

That something is an annoying older — and protective — sister who is very suspicious of him (wisely so) and his relationship with her sister Marika. This seems like a very dumb plotline for the show at the moment, at the least it is very curious at the moment. Why would Dubaku begin a relationship with a woman in the States while ultimately he’s going to return to Songalia? It just doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile the FBI is beginning to get concerned about not being in the loop after they realize that the President has downgraded any threat of terrorism left. Agent Moss also discovers that Renee Walker is still alive and almost creams his pants. Alright so that wasn’t quite noted in the show but, c’mon, it’s clear that he loves this girl.

Moss assists the tandem of Jack and Agent Walker in their pursuit of Dubaku and the rogue secret service agent , Edward Vossler, who was implicit in the kidnapping of Henry Taylor. Agent Walker is charged  with the unenviable task of finding Vossler’s family and threatening them in order to force Vossler to give up the information that they needed.

Afterwards Agent Walker is understandably shaken after she had to threaten the lives of an innocent woman (like herself) and a young baby girl. She shows a very clear vulnerability as an agent for the bureau and it’s actually refreshing to see it. She’s human unlike the monsters that she’s pursuing to put behind bars and that’s the difference between the good side and the bad.


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