24 Season 7 Analysis — Hour 10


Episode 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The hour that is supposed to “change everything” opened up with a shot of Sean (FBI Agent and Dubaku mole) looking as suspicious as ever. It lasts only momentarily as his office affair-ee walks up asking about a federal warrant that came from his station. Next thing we know both are walking and talking about spy work for Dubaku (whoaaaa, double mole alert! Not sure if I saw that coming considering Erika didn’t seem so bright. Not sure I see double-cross coming from her, but then again traitors are never really that smart are they?). Sean puts aside his suiter’s worries with a “I got you into this, let me get you out of it” lines and a comforting pat on the back (is he really going to get her out of it? I sense some foreshadowing going on!).

Scene then flips to Jack Bauer and Agent Walker still being harassed by metro pd and foiled in their attempts to follow Marika in hopes of catching colonel Ike Dubaku. Speaking of the devil, literally, we see a nervous Marika meeting Dubaku in a alleyway. She gets out of the car with a nice broad, fake smile on her face, Dubaku grabs her forcefully, addresses her treasonous ways and destroys her cell phone. After a short political rant, the butcher of Songalia claims to be a “forgiving man” (really? I guess the forgiveness only comes out for waitresses working in Washington D.C. Sucks for all those single Songalian ladies. Better luck next time). He asks Marika to come with him anyways, she says “I don’t know who you are” and Dubaku counters with a “you do, I’m still the man who you fell in love with”. Marika concedes (like she had any other choice). Now en route to the airfield to board his private jet, Dubaku and Marika have company. Bauer and Renee have received their apologies and are now in pursuit after getting their necessary updates from Chloe still couped up in her “vulnerable” FBI digs. Dubaku receives a call from Mr. Concerned (who we find out later is Ryan Burnett, secretary for Senator Meyer). He tells him Marika has had a “change of heart” and is coming with him, they will be at the air field in 10 minutes. How he expects to do that in Washington D.C. rush hour traffic is beyond me, but good luck with that colonel. In order to catch up to Dubaku, Jack takes a shortcut through a park and is quickly spotted by Dubaku’s driver, car chase commenced! Showing he lacks the skills of Jason Bourne, Bauer soon finds himself roadblocked by several cars. A disappointed Marika decides to play peek-a-boo with her driver — don’t try this at home kids — and causes her ride to be up-ended by a volvo. Bauer and Renee get out of their car and pursue. Jack shoots driver who kicked out the windshield rather Beckham-like and declined to surrender, poor decision. Next Jack secures a dazed and confused Dubaku, while Renee works to extricate an unconscious Marika from the burning vehicle (she could be dead and the car is like a ticking bomb, what are you doing!). Jack demands that Renee save herself, noting the car could explode at anytime but she draws her gun on him instead and says, “I gave her my word! Either help or leave me alone.” Jack acquiesces, not wanting to see his secret crush (come on, it’s obvious) blown up and helps free Marika from the car while Renee drags her to safety just before the car explodes. Phew, that was close. Only Renee realizes shortly after trying to administer CPR to Marika, that she is gone. Cue emotional face and commercial break.

When the show returns, the viewers are greeted with their first image of President Taylor in hour 10, still watching over her husband in a D.C. hospital. While Chief of Staff — and Mr. Negative — Ethan delivers a briefing about the operation going on in Songalia, the President stares off into the abyss obviously concerned about her husband. Ethan finally takes the hint “maybe we should finish this another time.” Really, you think? President Taylor goes on to play the blame-game with herself, saying if she had just trusted her husband about his beliefs on their son, none of this would have happened. Good call, Madame President. Bill Buchanon then enters the room and asks to move the President back to the White House where she will be safer and less exposed. How will she be any safer at the White House? At least at the hospital nobody knows she’s there… Ah! another huge foreshadow, dun-dun-dun. To the bat cave, Batman!

Meanwhile Jack is still in downtown D.C. conferring with paramedics after the accident. We see Dubaku lying unconscious on a stretcher, Jack to paramedics “Revive him now!” Out comes the epinephrine. Dubaku gives a loud gasp and is suddenly awake but still considerably incapacitated. Jack swarms in with the “where are the names?” demands, asking about Dubaku’s list of co-conspirators and thus traitors inside the government. Dubaku says he has a list before going into cardiac arrest. While trying to revive him, paramedics realize there’s something metal providing interference, they believe it’s by his rib cage. Jack orders them to open him up and reaches inside (gross!) to pull out a sophisticated, micro hard drive. Jack lets Boss Moss and Chloe know over at FBI and relays it to them through a police officer. Uh, I hope you can trust that policeman there Jack.

Anywho, Sean, who had been dropping some eaves on the Boss Moss on Jack, discovers the information about Dubaku’s database which — aho! — contains his name. He joins Erika in the women’s bathroom (hold your astonished looks) and outlines a plan of crashing the FBI system while Chloe tries to decrypt the files. He needs Erika’s tech-savyness to pull off the masterplan that saves them all! Can anyone get me some xanax over here?! Talk about nerve-wracking… Sean seals the deal with a some loving caressing of the face and a “I love you” followed by good-luck kiss. Plan is in effect.

After commercial, we find Jack and Renee in the hospital looking after Dubaku and the dead Marika. A withdrawn Renee accepts Marika’s personal effects from the nurse before Jack relays information to her about the drive being delivered successfully to Boss Moss. “That’s all that matters, right Jack?” counters a distraught Renee. “I don’t like what happened to Marika anymore than you do. But it happened and you better find a way to live with it,” he counters.

Boss Moss delivers the mysterious drive to Chloe who takes and realizes “this is a PX-7 drive! (zomg!)…we only have one download and the entire thing erases” drama! Our two anxious rats are found couped up in the server room trying to crash the system. Mr. Worrier, aka Ryan Burnett calls Sean and gets the update on Dubaku and the database and their plan to thwart the FBI’s uncovering of the names while Erika works hard on crashing the system. “Damnit!” she yells (oh no! is the plan going to fail?) Nope, she settles down and thinks through her problem. Good job Erika, your third grade teacher would be proud. The system begins to crash, Erika and Sean smile, embrace with a “I love you” once again but this time Sean… shoots her! (zomg! another surprising turn of events) As Erika falls to the ground bleeding, Sean creepily looks into her eyes and watches her die. Good move Sean, murder 1 and treason. Well, I guess when you’re going to jail for life, what’s another life sentence on top? He then shoots himself in the arm and slides the gun — with his prints all over it — beside Erika’s lifeless body. Boom! In come Boss Moss and Chloe with guns drawn. Sean rattles off a cleverly-hatched story about being suspicious of Erika after she sent out some FBI warrant for Bauer’s car and back-traced some other suspicious Dubaku-related info (is Boss Moss buying it?). After trying to rescue the system, Chloe reports that everything is lost and a relieved look flashes across Sean’s face.

Five minutes later in the infirmary Sean gets patched up and questions Boss Moss about what is going on, he gets the information he’s already apprised of and tries to look innocent, “you should’ve trusted ME!”, he whines. “I didn’t know WHO to trust,” replies Larry. Chloe calls, SHE HAS RECOVERED THE FILES (double zomg!)! Apparently she was running a mirror application on another server — like usual, duh — and the files were not only saved but decrypting the entire time (umm, then why did you run down to the server room with Boss Moss, leaving your computer totally exposed? Not the smartest move for Ms. Anal)! Boss Moss relays this exciting news to Sean who is understandably crushed. “I guess I should get to that report,” he says and exits the rooms heading straight for his desk. He manages to put on his jacket without any pain (funny, considering he just took a bullet to the arm) and escape an over-bearing Janis without much trouble. After passing some co-workers in the hallway, he breaks off into a sprint again showing no ill-effects of recently being shot. Alas, he runs into four guards looking for him and his thrown up against the wall. Boss Moss wants some answers. “I would like to speak with my attorney,” quibbles Sean.

Back at the hospital, Rosa rolls up to Renee who remains withdrawn. “What happened?” demands Rosa. Umm bad news is your sister didn’t make it, the good news? Here’s her earrings that you always wanted? see promises don’t mean — pardon the pun — Jack around here) “Is this supposed to make everything ok?”(umm… yes?). Jack interrupts and Renee walks back down the hall over to Jack looking defeated (brace yourselves for the drama). “God listen to yourself Jack, you don’t even sound human. Don’t you feel anything?” she asks. “We had a job to do to protect the hundreds if not thousands of lives…What we did was not wrong, it was necessary,” he responds. Jack begins to walk away but Renee can’t help but keep pulling the thread (don’t do it Renee…) “I read your file. When your wife was killed did you feel that or did you just tell yourself that that was necessary?”

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!” demands Bauer.

“I just want to know that you feel something. I want to know that you feel the same kind of pain that I feel.” she slaps him, “Do you feel that?” one more time “Do you feel that?!” and tries for a third but Jack catches her hand and she falls into his shoulder crying. “It’s gonna take awhile but you will learn to live with it,” he whispers. Suddenly she pulls away, “What if I don’t want to live with it?” “Then quit,” replies Jack and he turns to walk away again before adding, “Oh and that stunt you tried at the accident, don’t pull your gun on me again unless you intend to use it.” “I did,” Renee replies sharply (oooooooooooooh, take that Mr. Bauer). He pauses before leaving without a word.

Back at the White House we find mother and daughter having a family moment where an old can of worms is opened slightly (uhh, may I ask what this storyline is needed for? Seems superfluous to me, but then again it may be just me). President Taylor exits to Bill Buchanon who tells her that the database has been recovered and decrypted and arrests are in the process of being made. Her spirits are lifted and she thanks Bill for his work and offers a favor whenever he needs it. Quick to take her up on the offer, Bill requests that the President speak with Senator Meyer about his hearings with Jack, insisting that it isn’t necessarily in light of everything he has done and continues to do for his country. She says she will think about it.

Speaking of the super agent, Jack is found taking a solitary moment on the steps in front of the capitol building when someone in dark shades and a dark jacket sits close beside (could it be….). TONY! He’s back on the scene with news of another attack from the lead he followed up on. Attack coming from General Juma who intends to rally his country’s support by striking at the U.S., supposedly on a high-valued target within the next hour (7 p.m.). Taking the information to the FBI is apparently impossible considering the amount of time and beauracy that the agency has to go through, no Tony needs Jack’s help.

We then see the double-crosser himself in his office before quickly being summoned by Senator Meyer. Apparently he got a call from the President who suddenly wishes to speak with him about Jack Bauer, he’s concerned about the weird timing but tells Burnett to grab his laptop, he’s coming! Burnett goes to his desk to grab his stuff, checks his phone for the incoming text which says: Units in place. Operation on schedule. He looks scared. Attack on the White House anyone?

What an episode. 24 has brought the drama back to TV after a disappointing 6th season. Whoot!

So did the Marika/Rosa storyline ultimately work out for you? Was the double more revelation and Sean’s capture what you expected? Are you happy to see Renee and Jack get a bit relationshipy? Let’s hear it.


One response to “24 Season 7 Analysis — Hour 10

  1. I’m watching this on Blu-Ray (hope to have it finished by the time season 8 airs). The moment when Renee was slapping Jack in the face really got to me. Seeing how the ultimately self-destructive path Jack walks on affects someone who doesn’t hate herself as much as he does, or who doesn’t believe that she deserves all of the suffering she is enduring (or whatever Jack’s psychosis is that allows him to detach from what he does–perhaps it’s just a plot contrivance? Perish the thought) was refreshing. After seeing others like his daughter and Chloe do things his way for a bit and be “okay” with it, this was both refreshing and more satisfying. Field operatives are ready for doing things according to the methods they’ve been taught. Not everyone is okay with what comes when they have to venture further, or when things don’t turn out they way they want them to.

    As for Renee being a secret crush for him, sure, it’s there. I think I saw a hand on shoulder when they were in Dubaku’s safehouse (after the President’s husband had been shot) and there were a couple of other instances where we see Jack getting sweet on Renee (insomuch as he gets sweet while in mission mode), but I don’t see that being a big deal coming down the line. If they do “hook up” she will either die or quit. I know it’s all just how the writers set things up, but Secretary of Defense Heller was right when he said that, one way or another, everything Jack touches ends up dead. Oh, and one other corollary or Jack hooking up with Renee (this one a bit more favorable): Larry Moss would likely exit the show. In a body bag. I really don’t like that guy, but I guess I’ll see if the next fourteen hours brings some change.

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