Epic game, one for the ages and…. I missed it


I can’t believe it. I seriously did not see this game coming. On Thursday night, Connecticut and Syracuse met in an ordinary #3 vs. #6 seed matchup in the quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament. It was the first of seemingly three games for the favored UConn Huskies who had just watched their nemesis Pittsburgh fall to West Virginia  and now had an open bracket all the way to the championship game on Saturday potentially against a Louisville Cardinal team that they beat comfortably in early February.

The game started out rather shakily for the Huskies but they re-gained control by the end of the first half to take a three point lead into the break. I left to fulfill a commitment I had made but set my dvr with 3o minutes of extra run time (until about 9 pm PST). Well when I arrived home at around 8:30 pm PST, my mom was watching a movie on our TV with the DVR and I didn’t want to spoil the ending for myself by turning on the game at a point near the end (like I assumed) so I went to the driving range until 10 pm. Little did I know that when I got home the game was still on!

With my parents now watching another movie on the TV I didn’t get to the taped second half until after 11 pm and by the time I got through the tape, there was just one overtime on it and it wasn’t even completed at that.

So long story short, as a longtime diehard UConn fan I’m extremely mystified and angered that I missed this game. I’m also angered that the Huskies weren’t able to end their three game losing in the Big East Tournament and continued their terrible recent streak against Syracuse in the BET, a streak that has seen the Orange win five of the last six meetings. Unbelievable.

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