NCAA Men’s Tournament Projections

It’s Selection Sunday Eve and after watching hours of conference tournament basketball the past few days it is time for the General to deliver his projections for the top five seeds, meaning one seeds through five seeds, heading into March Madness.

This is what we’ve been building towards since I started my power rankings in January. Now I know that the General has taken a few weeks off from those Sunday night power ranking editions but the important thing is that we are back for the most important edition of the year — the Tournament edition.

It has been an interesting conclusion to a solid college basketball season. I really don’t think there are any exceptional teams out there (example, I don’t see any team being better than what Kansas or Memphis was last year), but there are some very elite teams that are capable of reaching a level that makes me re-think whether they could rival the best teams of the past. I also think there are only four teams in the country that can cut down the nets come April (hint three are from the Big East) and perhaps just six or seven that should be considered Final Four caliber teams.

One development that has been intriguing to me despite the disappointment is the likelihood of the Big East conference headed for just seven tournament bids. I think ultimately the strength of the conference worked against itself as the middle of the road teams (your Georgetown’s, Notre Dame’s, Providence’s and Cincinnati’s of the league) were hurt by the overall strength of the conference. Teams like Seton Hall, St. John’s and South Florida are no joke and when those are the “gimme” games on your schedule you’re in for a tough season. This isn’t Conference USA where you play teams like Southern Miss and Tulsa.

Anyways onto the seed projections, in order as always…


Pittsburgh (Midwest), Connecticut (East), North Carolina (South), Louisville (West)


Memphis, Oklahoma, Duke, Michigan St.


Villanova, Kansas, Wake Forest, Missouri


Syracuse, Washington, West Virginia, Arizona St.


Florida St., UCLA, Purdue, Virginia Tech


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