24 Season 7 Analysis — Hour 15


Episode 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Well I’m back and I apologize for the little hiatus in my 24 recaps, I sorta dealt with a little writer’s block but I feel like I’m back now so let’s get into it.

Since I left there have been some serious developments. Apparently a private arms contractor called Starkwood led by Jonas Hodges (played by Jon Voight) has been behind the entire day’s attacks by General Juma and Colonel Dubaku. His endgame? Not quite known yet but it appears to be a personal vendetta with the current U.S. government. After all, he did want President Taylor dead when Juma kidnapped her.

Hour 15 continues the compelling drama since hour 10 really, with the search for a bio-weapon at the Port of Alexandria carried out by Bauer and Almeida. The FBI continues their manhunt for Jack while investigating the murder of Senator Meyer and Hodges holds a meeting with his execs while a critical hour of his corporation is underway.

Who’s the Boss?

No, we’re not talking about the 80’s TV show with Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano, this version concerns FBI Director Larry Moss and the President’s Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin. As Boss Moss and his FBI force investigate the murder of Senator Meyer (found dead in his home), the two place blame on the other for what appears to be rogue Bauer’s misdeeds. Moss, however, won’t take it lying down and rightly accuses the Chief of Staff for overruling him and allowing Jack to interrogate Burnett. “How could you let this happen, Agent Moss? I released Jack into your custody! I ordered you to keep him on a short leash!” (Quick peak into Kanin’s noggin: I’ll believe it if you do…) Moss sees right thru him. “No, no Mr. Kanin — you are NOT going to lay this at my feet! It was your decision to give Bauer access to Burnett.” Ethan was so taken aback by his own doing that he had to ask Moss to repeat what he just said. Afterwards, Kanin is left visibly wounded by the repercutions of his actions. (Maybe if he had just listened to his own advice and followed the good book he wouldn’t have been in this situation.)

First Gentleman lives!

OMFG! After seven hours of being incognito, we finally see Henry Taylor and all indications are he’ll make a full recovery. As he speaks with his wife on the phone, he’s surprised that his daughter, Olivia, is now working alongside her mother. “I can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes me,” he gushes to the Prez who promised to visit her husband in the hospital soon. “When you can,” he responded. “I’ll be here.” (After all, I WAS SHOT IN THE CHEST AND GIVEN A NEUROMUSCULAR PARALYTIC! But don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.)

Upon hanging up, the Prez totally jinxes herself as Ethan walks into the Oval… “maybe, maybe, just maybe maybe maybe maybe (me thinks she likes the word maybe) this day will end on a positive note…” She sees Ethan’s non-cheerful face and realizes her mistake. (Prez’ mind: Damn, I was SO CLOSE!)

The news? Ethan delivers the latest details on Bauer’s rampage which has now left Senator Meyer dead. But that’s not the shocker, the Shawshank Warden has actually grown a CONSCIENCE! He tells the Prez he wants to tender his resignation within the hour ! OMFG! Here I thought his Good Book allowed those sorts of malevolent deeds (does the baked pie full of cash ring any bells? Maybe not. That woman couldn’t cook worth shit after all). “I failed you and I shoulder the blame for what has happened,” he tells her.

Alls quiet on the dock front…or is it?

The scene shifts to Jack and Tony who have arrived at the Port. Scoping the situation out from the perimeter, Jack and Tony realize they need to access the port’s manifest to find out just what container the weapon is in. Ahh but never fear, there’s a single guard on duty. He’ll be able to stop the dozen armed terrorists by himself. We meet Carl as Jack and Tony capture him to open up the manifest. Carl has a lovely wife at home, sporting twins in the oven, and needs the overtime hours to support her. How sweet…hope those daughters don’t mind growing up without a daddy…goo-goo ga-ga.

As the three of them take up shop in the port’s office, the bad guys arrive on the outer gate. Crew leader calls Jonas to update him on their status and reveals that they haven’t heard from Quinn. “If Bauer took out Quinn, he might have knowledge of the operation.” Nevertheless he advises them to wait five more minutes before preceding as planned. Hodges hangs up his bluetooth and prepares to enter a meeting with his exec. board.  “You have a worried look, Greg,” he tells his assistant. “It’s very tense in there, sir.” The always non-plussed Hodges replies, “they’re six year-olds, Greg, and they need to eat their carrots.” Whatever that means.

Jonas goes on schpeal about how Starkwood has lost their contracts globally and that none of today’s events would’ve been capable if the government would’ve called them. He’s playing hardball, his staff seems to be only ready for the beer leagues…

Quote of the episode: After telling his associate, Bill, about Senator Meyer’s death and being accused of implicity, Hodges utters:

“Starkwood is not in the business of political assassination, Bill. But, maybe we should look into it,” Jonas says slyly. “I hear it’s a growth market.”

Not so quiet on the dock front

Back inside the office Bauer and Almeida discover where the bio-weapon is being held but not from the computer…Carl tells them! Apparently he was contacted by the group and agreed to let them in to recover some electronics they were smuggling in from South Korea (I don’t know why they’d want electronics from there. Everyone knows Japan makes the best shit…knuckleheads…). After telling Jack the plan, the crew calls Carl to open up the front gate and suddenly Carl is scared. (uhhh now you’re scared? Now you comprehend what this situation is? wow..) Jack talks him into going along with the plan. “You’re a part of this Carl whether you want to be or not! You became a part of this once you said ‘yes’ to these people.” Carl, being the soon-to-be-father that he is needs re-assurances that he’ll make it through alive. “Promise me,” he commands Jack. (uh oh, do we have a conscience debate being foreshadowed?) Jack gives him his assurances: “I promise you.” As Jack straps Carl up with his necessities Carl guiltfully details his reasoning — he needed the extra cash after all the work to get his wife pregnant (apparently it cost an arm and a leg yet he still sports both..).

The claws come out…quietly

As Ethan gathers his belongings in his office, First Daughter Olivia drops by gloat, er, pay her respects. After the two traded (half-hearted, I’m sure) apologies, Ethan warned here of a dangerous thing called ambition. (Yup, that same little thing that led him to put a bullet through his head a few years back when he was warden of a little prison called “Shawshank”. You should listen to him, Olivia, he knowith of which he speakith).

After he leaves, she calls her source in the media with an updated story for him to air. (AH-HAH! as George Costanza would say. It was her all along! Not that it wasn’t obvious..) “Make sure Ethan is the fall guy. My mother’s nowhere near this, understand?” she commands. Ken, sorta turned on by getting such a great exclusive asks her to dinner.  “Maybe next week,” Olivia responds. (Apparently her schedule is suddenly full. I guess that’s what happens when you get promoted to the Prez’ staff out of the blue).

Boss Moss returns to the Good Side

Going thru evidence at Mauer’s house, Moss sees the light and calls Renee. “If you expect me to even entertain Bauer’s innocence you have to help me here!” After a little conjoling — “Renee! Alright Maybe I should’ve trusted you before but you need to trust me now.” — Renee tells him about Starkwood. “Well, let me help, Larry! Jack could still be out there and may need help,” she begs. “No, no. I can’t release you. Not yet.” (Damn! Hottie needs to stay on the sidelines a little bit longer).

Jack’s surprising dilemma: Save America or Carl

As Carl is strung along by the baddies securing their precious bio-weapon, Jack battles with his conscience — and Tony. Does he save Carl’s life? A man who he gave his word too and has a family in the offing, or does he follow the more strategic plan of just following the baddies before intercepting with the FBI’s help? (I think we know the answer after Renee’s admonishing in episode nine of his treatment of  Dubaku’s girlfriend). Sure enough Jack chooses to save the family man. Now compromised, Bauer and Almeida are stuck with the task of holding off nine terrorists in a fire fight. After taking out half of their opposition, Jack leaves to follow the truck (which he steals control of after jumping on top and throwing the driver out. Should have been wearing a seatbelt…) while Almeida is left to be cornered.

Enter the Danger zone

Driving down highway 278 with a weapons cache, Jack delivers the news to an aghast Boss Moss. “Just get your teams down here to the weigh station,” responds Jack as Moss tries to find out just what the bloody hell is going on.

After getting off the phone with Moss, Jack realizes that something is wrong with his cache. The injured forklift operator in the fire fight damaged the container, leaking a canister of the bio-agent. As Jack peers into the gash on the container to get a look at his cache, he realizes a gas is being emitted and quckly backs away. He has to stop the emition but how? As he looks around, he doesn’t seem to be followed and decides to enter the container while holding his breath and turning the pressure off of the canister. It works and he locks the hold as he exits. However, as he stumbles away back to the driver’s seat fire rains down upon him — the baddies are back and they want their weapon! Both by air (helicopter) and land (SUV’s) they come spraying Jack with machine gun fire (how they miss him as he runs uncovered across the road, don’t ask me) but he manages to clear the road and take cover behind some rocks off of the shoulder.

The baddies secure the weapon and airlift it out while Jack watches helplessly. He calls Moss and delivers the bad news including, gasp, the fact that he was exposed to the bio-agent, whatever it is. With the baddies now gone, Jack walks back over to the big rig and sinks against one of the tires. What exactly has he been exposed to? How much (or little) harm will it do to him? Dun dun dun.


It’s going to be very interesting episode next week. Obviously we are left wondering about the curious situation Jack is left in. He’s been exposed to some bio-agent but how badly and what the exact effects of it are we don’t know. Could 24 possibly be preparing for Jack to be killed off? If not, why expose him to a bio-agent? It seems awfully dangerous to me for them to continually put Jack in these circumstances only to see him escape like he’s invincible. Jack is human and the 24 producers need to remember that. And with this, perhaps they have. Perhaps this is Jack’s time. We will find out Monday! As always leave your thoughts and comments below.

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  1. It is very interesting. I definitely suggest tuning in for this season and would recommend watching at least seasons 1-5 on DVD if not all six. You will thank me when you do.

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