Memo to Zduriencik: Morrow needs to move back to starting rotation

EVERYBODY LISTEN UP. Wakamatsu, Zduriencik, and all of the fans listen to this because here’s what’s the problem with Morrow and what needs to happen with him, plain and simple. Morrow is NOT a closer. As a closer all he throws is a straight 4-seam fastball which doesn’t cut it against the Rangers and the majority of the league. Does he have other pitches? Yes! And that’s the issue here. He has the pitches to be a solid No. 2 or 3 starter in this league (look at start against Yankees last year for proof or ask Bill Krueger) but when he comes in for one inning with one to three runs to work with he doesn’t have the freedom to sit there and get a feel for his curveball and changeup. So instead he’s sitting there throwing his 4-seamer all day and he gets lit up. Send him down to AAA, get him stretched out and convert back to a starter for his own good and for the team’s own good. Aardsma can be the closer in the mean time. Please, please do this and stop wasting stellar starts from Felix and the rest of our pitching staff.

Now, my next gripe is with Wakamatsu and him pulling our starters in favor of the bullpen in the latter innings. Felix could have pitched a complete game today, I don’t care how many pitches he had thrown (110 btw). Was he walking people? No. Was he starting to lose his command? No. In fact he was starting to mix in his slider in the 7th inning after refraining from using it all game because why? It was his third time through the lineup. Felix had a masterful approach to today’s game against the Rangers and should have been left out there until he faltered. I’m sorry but as soon as he was lifted for two fastball throwing pitchers, I knew we were going to lose.


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