UFC 100 tomorrow night!

That hour is nearly upon us ladies and gentleman. With less than 30 hours to go before the lights go down on Mandalay Bay and 15,000+ start rocking the roof off of the stadium, I am literally shaking in anticipation of the biggest MMA event in the history of the sport!

It is amazing to think where this sport has come from, to where it is now and where it will be potentially in the future. Five years from now MMA and the UFC could be as big as any sport in the world and it’s all because of Dana White and his genius, passion for the sport.

I could go on forever raving about what White has done for the sport that I hold so close to my heart but I won’t, I have done enough of that in the past. What I am going to do is tell you what excites me most about tomorrow night…

  • seeing the pinnacle of the sport go off on such a high note
  • watching as 15,000+ rock the roof off an events center
  • seeing some of the nation’s biggest sports stars revel in the spectacle of MMA
  • Rachelle Leah and Holly Madison in bikinis
  • Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg holding down the commentary
  • Rampage Jackson acting a fool with the fans
  • Georges St.-Pierre taking yet another step to cement his legacy
  • Frank Mir beating the shit out of Brock Lesnar
  • and oh yeah, Dan Henderson shutting up and exposing Michael Bisping for the overrated piece of shit he is.

In the words of Michael Buffer: “Ittttttttttt’s TIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!”


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