Time for Mariners to quit fooling themselves

This loss is a good thing. It clears up what was foggy. It brings to light every flaw that we fans wanted to overlook for so long. Seattle’s clutch, timely hitting is awful eight out of 10 times.

The Mariners have huge holes right now at catcher, short, third and left field as far as hitting goes. Their starting  right fielder is nothing but a slap hitting, singles machine who only hits when there’s nobody on base. For as many hits as he has (138 thru tonight) he has all of 25 RBIs.

It’s time to make the right moves to ensure this team’s promising future. Trade Washburn who’s value is absolutely as high as it’s ever been and in a market that is perhaps as weak as it has ever been in recent memory. Teams are desperate. And you know what happens when teams are desperate — they get fleeced. It’s high time the Mariners were the fleecers and not the fleece-ees.

Next, dump Branyan for whatever the best deal is for him out there. We have no need for a 30-something flash in the pan who can’t play d. Bring up Carp and let him play the rest of the season at first. Ditto for Saunders in left and Clement at DH with spot time at first and catcher. It’s time to dfa Sweeney and Cedeno (anybody’s better than him).

Look, it was fun while it lasted. Everyone wants to be in a pennant chase every season but the fact of the matter is not everyone can be. This was a re-building season from the time when pitchers and catchers reported in February. We can’t let a little surprise first half jade us.

Make the right moves, build for 2010 and beyond.


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