Bolt makes history yet again — 9.58 at World’s

Usain Bolt2

A Lightning Bolt struck the Berlin World Track and Field Championships on Sunday, only it didn’t leave the spectators running for cover. Instead this Lightning Bolt struck and it left everyone crooning for more.

Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter and world-record holder in both the 100 and 200 meters, did something no one in history has ever done, perhaps no human ever even thought possible. Bolt reached 9.5 territory in the 100 meters.

A time of 9.58 to be exact.

In a race that was the most anticipated of its kind since the Beijing Olympics, Bolt — followed by Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell — made sure it lived up to every ounce of that billing.

It was the fastest race in history. Bolt running an absurd world-record time of 9.58, trimming 11 hundredths of a second off of his Beijing summer games time. Gay setting a U.S. record of 9.71 which would have been a world-record time just a year and a half ago, while Powell took the bronze in 9.84.

Fast, fast, fast!

It sure was an amazing sight to behold. Whereas last year Bolt got caught up in the moment of the Olympic race, on Sunday Bolt was all business.

There was no showboating this time. From a solid start out of the blocks — not fabulous, but solid — to pulling away at the 30 meter mark and finishing it off at the 75 meter mark, Bolt was tremendous all the way through.

Running into a slight headwind, the 9.58 was as legit a time as there will ever be run. The incredible thing is, Bolt isn’t quite 100 percent. The Jamaican has battled an ankle injury, endured a car crash (albeit minor) and a slow summer training camp only to break into unchartered territory.

The question now becomes: how fast can this amazing human being run? Can he go sub 9.5? I don’t think it becomes out of the question especially when you consider the fact that he is still just 23 years old and seemingly still shy of his prime.

His prime should coincide nicely with the 2012 London Olympic games. And if we’ve learned anything so far about Bolt it is the simple fact that he is the ultimate showman, the ultimate competitor.

He rises to every moment and occasion. Surpasses every conceivable expectation that even the most radical fan could offer up.

It was a year ago at this time that I threw out the question who has been more dominant, Bolt or Michael Phelps after each’s amazing Olympic performances.

Now I ask, how fast can a human being run? Is 9.4 possible? 9.3?


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