Vancouver, B.C. regulates MMA on 2 yr trial basis

Earlier this week, Vancouver, B.C. became the second major city in Canada to regulate mixed-martial arts behind Montreal, Quebec. The Vancouver City Council passed a motion to regulate MMA events under a two year pilot program.

Several councilors acknowledged that their opinions had been swayed over the past year from opposition to support in favor of sanctioning.  Two councilors recently attended a ‘trial’ amateur event, Honour Combat Championships and came away “impressed with the professionalism, fighter safety, officiating and – surprisingly – the action in the ring.”

What this means is that the UFC’s planned event for the summer of 2010 in Vancouver is most likely full steam ahead now. And with one of the most loyal and passionate fanbases being the population up North, it’s only positives that come out of this. The UFC will get to host more shows in Canada and the Canadian fans will start to receive more of what they deserve.

Although it is still unofficial, look for the UFC to announce a June 2o1o event in Vancouver, B.C. very shortly.


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