Brock Lesnar’s miraculous recovery

Yesterday morning, Brock Lesnar was finally able to solicit information regarding his recent health travails via ESPN’s “Sportscenter”.

According to Lesnar, he had felt ill for a long time. While training for the Carwin fight his status was so bad that he was forced out for three weeks. A hospital visit gave him a mononucleosis diagnosis which Lesnar felt didn’t make sense. Regardless, he was forced to withdraw from the November event because of his condition and a desire to give the UFC proper notice.

He decided to take a break sometime in late October or early November after getting restless at home. When he was in Canada, he suffered an acute diverticulitis attack. (Diverticulosis, the development of multiple small, pouchy areas in the colon because of either genetic misfortune or a poor diet, is present in a portion of the population; when the areas become inflamed or infected, the ensuing abdominal pain and general malaise is termed diverticulitis.) Lesnar returned home, was hospitalized, lost 40 pounds while being fed intravenously intended to rest his colon, and faced the possibility of career-threatening surgery.

He credits this hospitalization in Bismarck, ND as life-saving. He stayed there 11 days while they performed a small operation to drain fluid from his stomach. When he began feeling better, he left the hospital, went home and began putting the lost weight back on. He has now gained 30 pounds back and is reportedly weighing 273 lbs.

On January 5th, Lesnar went for a check-up at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He says the doctors were astonished by what they found.

“They found absolutely nothing,” Lesnar said. ‘The doctors came in and their whole panel at the Mayo Clinic just said, ‘You just got a winning lottery ticket. We don’t need to do surgery on you.’”

Lesnar got his miracle.

Right now it seems like the diagnosis as been twice and thrice confirmed and the UFC is targeting a summer return for the heavyweight champion against the winner of UFC 111’s interim title fight between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin.


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