UFC cuts Mark Coleman among others

Four days after headlining UFC 109: Relentless, Mark Coleman has been given his walking papers by the UFC.

Coleman, 45, looked lifeless against fellow UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture, 46, in their light heavyweight main event fight. It was billed as a historical bout, being the first of its kind as two UFC Hall-of-Famers went at it. Unfortunately, it did not live up to that billing.

What nobody realized was that their would be another historic first coming out of this fight — the first time a main event fighter was released by the promotion in the week following the event.

Quite ironic that a fighter can be hyped as a main event worthy challenger one minute and then be cut the next.

To the UFC’s defense, this fight was not originally planned as the main event for UFC 109. It was scheduled to have co-billing on the event but when Brandon Vera had to back out due to injury, his fight with Jon Jones had to be postponed to its current March date.

Regardless, let’s hope the UFC learns from this while realizing that its fans are not simpletons and will not buy into fights as weak as this one as main event worthy.

In addition to Coleman, the UFC also cut veteran welterweight Frank Trigg who lost to Matt Serra at 109, heavyweight Tim Hague and lightweight Phillipe Nover.

Nover may be the biggest story coming out of this as he is the youngest at 26. He also was the favorite to win The Ultimate Fighter season 8 but lost to Efrain Escudero in the Finale and hasn’t recovered since.


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