Sorry, it’s been awhile

I think we all know how life sometimes gets in the way of things you want to do but for some reason or another, can no longer find the time to.
For me, that was blogging. I love sports, I love movies and sharing my thoughts but work and computer issues kept me from blogging regularly as I would’ve liked.
Well now that’s going to change. I have a new laptop that is incredibly faster and I am rededicating myself to this site.
Now, I used to blog on all sorts of subjects. From movie reviews to the UFC, I offered my opinion on the latest news and events. Well that’s going to change.
From now on, this will be a site to come for those Seattle Mariners fans out there primarily. I’ll also sprinkle in some Seahawks talk and being such a film buff, I’ll write occasional reviews of new films and tv shows that I’ve been able to see.
Other categories will be reserved for Husky football, UConn basketball and the UFC. Those posts will not be as frequent. Gone will be politic discussion and the scattered organization.
I hope to see my loyal readers return, some good feedback so that we can get into some lively discussions.


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