The Current Roster

It probably would’ve been better to wait a few more days to see who is dropped off the 40-man roster for the subsequent addition of C Miguel Olivo yet as I’ve been contemplating it for awhile and find nothing better to occupy my time, here is my projection at the Mariners 25-roster for opening day as the club is currently constructed.


1. RF Ichiro Suzuki

2. 3B Chone Figgins

3. 1B Justin Smoak

4. DH Jack Cust

5. LF Michael Saunders

6. CF Franklin Gutierrez

7. C Adam Moore

8. 2B Brendan Ryan

9. SS Jack Wilson

Bench: C Miguel Olivo, OF Milton Bradley, INF Luis Rodriguez, 3B/DH Matt Mangini


1. Felix Hernandez

2. Jason Vargas

3. Luke French

4. Doug Fister

5. Michael Pineda


David Pauley, rhp

Chris Seddon, lhp

Jose Flores, rhp

Josh Lueke, rhp

Dan Cortes, rhp

Brandon League, rhp

David Aardsma, rhp

Just by looking at that breakdown, I’m sure some of you have some questions which I’ll hopefully be able to address in a second.

First, I want to add that I believe Aardsma will be traded by the end of the month here and the Mariners could be looking at adding a starter in that move which would help the rotation out immensely. Also, I would be stunned to see Milton Bradley on the opening day roster as well. I think he gets dfa’d in mid Spring Training.

Other than those two moves (which will hopefully include the addition of a starter like James Shields), I think the roster looks pretty good. You’ve got a solid outfield that could cover Yellowstone, a much better infield both defensively and offensively than last year, and a solid, youthful pen. The rotation as currently constructed is troublesome after the 1 spot but it could be a good opportunity for a couple of guys in French and Pineda to really develop.

So outside of another arm for the rotation (which they’ll probably look to add thru the trade of Aardsma), the roster is about set here.

Oh, and some of you may be wondering about the inclusion of Rodriguez and Mangini over Josh Wilson and Matt Tuiasosopo. Well quite frankly the Mariners are said to be very high on Mangini’s bat and I believe he will out perform Tui who has shown nothing but complete ineptness in three seasons. Wilson can’t play defense or hit — much like Tui — and should be beat out by Rodriguez who was signed to a minor league contract earlier in the offseason.


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