NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

Week One of the NFL was pretty exciting I think most fans around the nation would agree. We all know the storylines that are dominating — RG3 killing the Saints in his first NFL game, Jets pummeling the Bills out of nowhere, Peyton Manning returning to the NFL after a year plus off looking the same as he left it and Packers losing their opener after only losing one game all of last season — and there are plenty of others, but no matter what it is around your city, we learned a lot.

So without further ado, here’s my updated power rankings heading into week 2 of the NFL.

1. 49ers: All they did to open up the season was go into Green Bay a team that was 15-1 last year and win. No big deal.

2. Ravens: I still think this team will show its age, on defense especially, but after dominating the Bengals on Monday night, how can you not like them and the way Joe Flacco suddenly looks?

3. Packers: No matter what the score was against the 49ers, this is still the second best team in the NFC and a team nobody wants to play when Aaron Rodgers is rolling.

4. Texans: All this team did was beat Miami 30-10 while holding them to 275 total yards. This team is extremely balanced in all facets — pass game, run game, pass and rush d.

5. Falcons: Talk about a scary offense. Matty Ice is going to be putting up some numbers with White and Jones to throw to.

6. Patriots: Pretty interesting to see the Patriots have a 100-yard rusher (Ridley had 125 yds on 21 carries). I’d be surprised if we saw that happen even 2 more times this year but interesting nonetheless.

7. Bears: Jay Cutler has got to love throwing to his new big wideouts. This team now with Marshall and Jeffrey plus the supremely underrated Matt Forte to move the ball on offense compared to previous years when they tried to scare teams with Johnny Knox and Devin Hester. And oh yeah, they still have that ferocious Bears D.

8. Cowboys: If Romo keeps playing all year like he did against the Giants last Wednesday, watch out for the ‘Boys as much as I hate to say it. DeMarco Murray and DeMarcus Ware are big time players.

9. Broncos: What can you say? Manning looked like himself. And if he plays all 16 games as he’s capable of, this team will be in the playoffs.

10. Eagles: One of the more talented teams in the league on paper, too bad their QB is Michael Vick.

11. Lions: Still getting a win despite a poor game from your quarterback is what differentiates average teams from good teams.

12. Chargers: If that defense continues to play the way it did Monday, watch out for the Bolts.

13. Seahawks: Sure they dropped a game in Arizona to open the year but if you think this team will play any worse than it did in wk 1, you’re lost.

14. Steelers: Not the same team anymore. No Harrison, no Ward, no Mendenhall, etc. Steelers fans need to prepare themselves for a rough year.

15. Bengals: Really did not like the way the Bengals secondary looked Monday night. That was pretty atrocious especially the safety play. They’ll need to be better to make any kind of hay in the division.

16. Cardinals: Sure liked the way their pass d looked against the Seahawks on Sunday. This team is going to surprise a lot of people as well.

17. Chiefs: Hey, Atlanta is a top five team in this league so no shame there but against the Bills this week it’s time for Matt Cassel to make some plays.

18. Buccaneers: I think we all only saw a glimpse of what this team will be this year on Sunday. Josh Freeman for comeback player of the year.

19. Redskins: RG3 looked terrific but it helps when the defense you’re playing decides not to cover anybody.

20. Saints: How do you let a rookie QB making his debut torch you at home like that? Sorry but I am not impressed by their defense, not at all.

21. Raiders: Don’t sleep on the Silver and Black folks. This is a legit football team with a dominant defense. They just need someone in that receiving corps to step up.

22. Panthers: The Bucs are going to surprise a lot of people this year who are sleeping on them so I’m not faulting the Panthers for that loss. Let’s see what they get done vs. Brees and co.

23. Giants: I know they are the defending champs but honestly, what about this team other than the front 4 scares you? The lack of a secondary is going to kill them, I’m telling you right now.

24. Titans: I like their defense but they need Chris Johnson to show up before they start doing anything.

25. Jets: Look they beat up on a Bills team that decided not to show up. Still not impressed.

26. Rams: This team is night and day from what they were a year ago. I think the stat was there are more Jeff Fisher players on the Rams right now than there are Steve Spagnuolo guys. That’s ridiculous.

27. Jaguars: Talk about night and day. Sure looks like Blaine Gabbert might actually be a capable NFL QB.

28. Bills: Definitely the steepest fall in my rankings. I think the Jets are an average team at best and they got manhandled. Hopefully Gailey has them ready to go against the Chiefs and Fitzpatrick plays much better. He needs to.

29. Colts: Andrew Luck looked pretty good wk 1. Bears are a challenge for any team especially on the road. Let’s see how they do against Minnesota.

30. Dolphins: Tall task going into Houston for your professional debut, but Tannehill and the Dolphins still left a lot to be desired. Going to be a tough year.

31. Vikings: What can you say about Adrian Peterson? The guy is just a freak. I’ll be surprised, though, if this team looks better than it did week 1 at any point this season.

32. Cleveland: Brandon Weeden should not be starting this season, period. I like that defense, though.


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