Countering the pro-Wilson arguments

As they say, “winning cures everything.” Those of us in Seattle who root unabashedly for incessant success of the Seahawks football team can pretty much attest to just what that means after an unfathomable win on Monday Night Football earlier this week.

You see, those of us fans who know more than just a bit about the game and understand unequivocally where the Seahawks stand amidst the NFL’s elite this season (right among them) and just what this team is capable of, realize that the game should never have come down to a Hail Mary pass into the endzone and a controversial judgment call.

Fans like myself and those of you who read my blog know that the game should have been wrapped up by the Seahawks long before Kam Chancellor was called for a bogus pass interference on third-and-two midway through the fourth quarter.

We know that the Seahawks should have had a double digit lead entering the second half and should’ve added to it early in the third to put the game out of reach, even for the Packers. With the way the Seahawks’ defense was playing, there was no reason for Seattle to find itself trailing 12-7 with :07 showing on the clock with 24 yards between them and a victory that was rightfully its own.

But because this team has a rookie quarterback at the helm and because that rookie quarterback is 5-foot, 10-inch Russell Wilson and he cannot complete a third down pass to save his own skin, Seattle was in that situation.

And because of the subsequent play, the controversial ruling and everything that came with it, nobody seems to care that Seattle owns the 32nd-ranked passing offense in the NFL (there are only 32 teams for those unaware) by total yards and yards per attempt. In fact, the talk that has dominated the airwaves of the local sports talk radio shows featured discussion on why Seattle should not care about what the rest of the nation thinks and rejoice in the win. About how good of a defensive performance the team displayed against Green Bay and what to expect this coming Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

Seldom was there mention of just how poorly the offense performed and how poorly the QB in charge of said offense performed. And when it was brought up by callers, they were routinely shot down with such brilliant retorts as “who won the game (sir)?” and “but we did win the game, right?”

Yes, Mike Salk we won the game. By the grace of God and that Hail Mary, we pulled out a win that should’ve been in the bag two quarters prior. And while that may be the same thing to you, those of us who understand what it takes to be a playoff team in the NFL and ultimately a Super Bowl winning team, understand that you better have an offense that can put teams away when it has them on the ground gasping for air. You don’t take your foot off their throat and give them a chance to stay alive.

Currently, the Seahawks offense is that breath of air for opposing teams. It’s one dimensional. It’s a Marshawn Lynch run on first and second down and if that does not achieve a first down, well, here comes a pass attempt from Wilson on third. Except all it is is that, a pass attempt, odds on it being a throw out of bounds after a scramble to his right followed by Jon Ryan’s fourth punt of the day. In the first quarter.

Clearly, the opposition isn’t scared. Why should they be? Sure our defense is mauling them in every facet of the game and some of their offensive players are most likely crying on the sideline, but they’re still just three field goals away from having the lead. Or one interception return from being tied. And when they know that after every punt of their own, they’ll have the ball back within minutes with one more shot at a defense growing more tired and frustrated by the play.

The point is not the present but the future. Sure we pulled out a win against Green Bay on a Hail Mary pass. Awesome. But the fact of the matter is, that game should have been long over before the referees started making a debacle of it.

You put any other starting quarterback in the league (and probably a good portion of the backups not named Tim Tebow) at the helm of our offense on Monday night, and we’re well ahead of GB at the half. OK, maybe not Mark Sanchez, but everyone else. Give me Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, heck even Christian Ponder and we’re pummeling the Packers.

Sooner or later the fact that we can’t pull away from teams unless our defense comes up with pick 6’s, our special teams blocks punts or generates return TDs, is going to come back and bite us hard in the ass. This team is capable of not just going to the playoffs, but going deep with a top 3 defense, an elite special teams unit and a top notch ground game.

The only thing lacking is any semblance of a passing offense and the only reason for that is Wilson no matter what the idiots around here we call reporters will try to tell you about play-calling and poor receivers and whatever other bullshit.

The play-calling is what it is because Wilson can’t execute any more. Period. The receivers put up the numbers they do because the quarterbacks they have had (Jackson and now Wilson) can’t throw them the football. Do you really think Ramses Barden is as good as his 9 catches and 135 yds in his debut made him seem?

Come on people, we deserve better. Stop settling for league worst.


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