Mariners vs. Orioles 7.25.14 Lineups, Pre-game Notes: Morales Arrives for Part Deux

I love saying “deux”. Ever since I watched “Hot Shots Part Deux” that was the case. Just a good way to say two.

Anyways, happy Felix day to all you Mariners fans out there and I apologize for the late post. I was busy a) setting up my twitter account (you can follow me @anthonydion03 fyi) b) talking Seahawks to some guys while watching batting practice and c) chatting with Adam Jones who is just a tremendous young adult for those curious. He was kind enough to grant 15 minutes to CBS and I for a phone interview (click link to download podcast of 7/25 hour 2 to listen).

And yes, I did take eight years to join twitter. I am quite proud of myself for holding out that long. However, I just came to the realization that to be taken seriously in this sports journalism business, sadly you must be on it. It’s the world we live in now.

On the M’s front today, Kendrys Morales is indeed back in the building and in the Mariners’ lineup. He will be rocking a new number (21), though. He was in good spirits as he spoke with reporters prior to the game Friday about his return and seemed genuinely positive about the high level of interest the M’s have clearly shown in him. Jack Zduriencik wanted him badly.

A couple notes gleaned from Lloyd McClendon’s media session today were a) Robinson Cano will NOT be moving up to the two hole if and when Morales returns to the .280 form the M’s are hoping to see from him and b) shortstops Brad Miller and Chris Taylor will not be in a strict left/right platoon. McClendon said he will take a look at matchups when deciding who starts and on Thursday when Taylor was called up, said Taylor would “see his fair share of playing time.” I would expect a near 50/50 split until one gets hot.

Here is the lineup for the Mariners who are in dire need of a victory having lost three straight and nine of last 13:

Mariners (53-48)

1.  Endy Chavez (L) rf

2. James Jones (L) cf

3. Robinson Cano (L) 2b

4. Kendrys Morales (s) dh

5. Kyle Seager (L) 3b

6. Dustin Ackley (L) lf

7. Logan Morrison (L) 1b

8. Mike Zunino c

9. Brad Miller (L) ss

RHP Felix Hernandez (11-2, 2.02 ERA, 184 ERA+)

Worth Noting

Going into the Orioles clubhouse yesterday, there was a pretty cool display on their white board where the team messages, announcements, etc. are posted.

Orioles board 7.24.14

Aaron Goldsmith and I were pretty impressed with the handwriting/calligraphy. Apparently it is done by the Orioles strength and conditioner.


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