About maximus03

Let’s see… I love sports, film & television and travel. So this blog will reflect that. As a resident of Seattle for the better part of my 29 years of life, the teams I root for and my frame of mind will be reflective of that experience. I graduated from the University of Washington in 2007 with a degree in Journalism and now work for CBS as a promotions and media contributor for 1090 The Fan. I will be at every Mariners’ home game this year so whatever content I don’t publish to seattle.cbslocal.com or Sportspress NW, you will find here for the next six months. Mostly it will be player quotes and manager notes.

You can also follow me on twitter (finally) @anthonydion03


One response to “About maximus03

  1. Hello Anthony!

    My name is Stefan Jagot, and I am the Managerial editor for the MLB section of TheFarmClub.net a sports media site. We are looking for Mariners writers for the upcoming season, and after reading your content we would love to have you on board, even if it was a weekly column

    We currently have 90 writers from all over the globe, and work constantly to network them all. This is a great opportunity to expose your work, and make connections. If interested please email me at sjagot@thefarmclub.net

    We look forward to having you aboard, and thank you for your time.

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